February 10, 2013

Diapered Husband

Your wife called me today. And yes YOU know who YOU are. lol She was pretty hot with you. I bet at this very moment she has you over her knee and is reddening that little tush,LOL! She warned me that you will be calling me later tonight for some AB sitter punishment after she is done with you. You are also to confess and to tell me what punishment she doled out so that I can come up with something suitable to go along with it. So apparently you talked your wife into letting you out of your diaper for a night. You begged and pleaded. Whined and moaned. Until finally she gave in. You almost convinced her you are a man who deserves to wear pants. LOL Well at least right up until the part where you peed on her in the middle of the night. IDK what you were thinking really. Did you actually believe you could pull that off? You know you are NEVER getting out of diapers now right? Of course you will be telling me all about it in a couple hours won’t you? ~Mommy Josie 888~430~2010
February 3, 2013

Mutual Diaper Changes with Mommy

You love diapers and so does Mommy. I love playing in my diapers with my ABie boys. No one understands your needs and desires more when it comes to wearing than this mommy. I know just how you feel when you slip into that soft comfy diaper. How the troubles of the world just melt away. And to have a mommy who can share that diapered experience makes it even better. This mommy doesn’t just care for you, I truly understand you. And I love to talk about diapers to. Maybe after mommy gives you a change you would like to learn to be a good boy and change mommy’s diaper too? I would really enjoy that. Can you imagine that? Laying mommy down on your changing pad, gently spreading my legs. Making sure to wipe me clean and powder my bottom thoroughly. Make it nice, soft and smelling good. What do you think? Sound like a plan? I will change you if you change me,heehee. Give mommy a call. I think my diaper is getting awfully wet so you better hurry… ~Mommy Josie 888~430~2010
March 27, 2010

What Is This?

I have no clue what the heck this thing is. Do you? Some sort of pillow? But with silicone nipples? I can just see grandma knitting this. A very warped, not all together there grandma. I wonder if there are some sort of chambers behind the nipples that you can fill with milk, or water, or GHB. I kid. If anyone really does know what the heck this is please tell me, because I am truly stumped. Mommy Lizabeth 1-888-430-2010
March 26, 2010

3 Minute Brownies

I made these and I have to say..YUUUUUUMMMMY! Nothing says yum like a brownie….actually I guess if brownies could say anything at all it would be more along the lines of AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGGGGGGGGHHHHHHH as you bite into them. Thank Goodness they actually don’t do that! And even if they did I would still stuff them into my mouth with ever maddening glee! Who would of thought eating a brownie could be come such a deviant act. Me of course! Enjoy *shoves the last pleading and screaming bit of chocolate goodness into my mouth.* Stacie 1-888-430-2010
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