August 23, 2012

Force Diapering a big,hairy sissy boy

Force Diapering  a big hairy sissy boy is a very precise process. Steps are as follows: 1- Take away his Man clothes  2- Tell him not to use the bathroom only his diaper 3-give him a polar bear to ride that  is also diapered 4- make sure he knows any bad behavior will be meant with otk spankings 5- big hairy sissy boy will also enjoy being trained how to take a strap on     up his big hairy happy hole. Your sissy may be shy at first but a nice big glob of lube and rubbing of the sissy hole will help, to convince him to be a little more agreeable for the task. He will ask for your help and want your guidance to be a better sissy and obey his Mistress with her succulent Mommypillows. Bet I am making you thirsty too. Veronika  888-938-7382
March 14, 2011

ABDL Party

Are you as excited as I am about the ABDL Slumber Party tomorrow night? I haven’t been able to attend the parties for awhile but I plan to be there tomorrow night in my cutest pajamas right with you babies. It’s always so nice to chat with the sweet adult babies and sissy boys that come out and party with us. So if you haven’t gotten to come to one yet then I really suggest you try to make it between 8pm and 4am eastern on March 15. It’s our first ABDL party since we had to spring ahead so we might be a little sleepy, but between all of us I think we can keep each other awake don’t you think? Then just think if you want to call your favorite mommy you can save some money when you make your phone call to mommy too. Mommy Liz
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