November 2, 2012

smug little,diaper slave

Smug little,diaper slave thinks he will have an easier time in my playroom because he has money,I don’t think so money won’t buy you mercy with me. It will give me much more time to make you suffer from all the wonderous diaper punishments I can dream up just for you. So get ready to abandon all hope when u get to my door as I have a whole lot of sadistic fun planned for you. Spankings,diaper domination,floggings,diaper timeout,punishment enemas,public potty sittings,enforced crib sittings,messy diaper displays& many forms of sissification. If your capable of following my rules you may find your self in a very nice atmosphere if you mis-behave how ever I will most definitely devise a regiment of painful punishing techniques to put you back under control. Till next time The Viciousness herself Ms.Veronika 888*938*7382
September 23, 2012


  I have wife  who called me and is quite fed up with her husband. She was at the end of her rope and just didn’t know what to do with a husband who was acting very selfish and childish. I told her he was due for more than a little punishment. She did not know where to start, but that is where I come in. I gave her a list of items we would need to mete out this punishment. Then, she called me the next night and put the sniffling, sniveling husband on the phone. All I could do was laugh. When he finished his little pity party, he finally got around to telling me how his wife was quite angry with him over a number of things. Leaving his clothes on the floor (right NEXT to the hamper no less), never cleaning up after himself, basically treating her more like a mommy than a wife. But then came the real kicker, he wet the bed, with her in it! I laughed so hard I thought I was going to pee a little! He went on to tell me how his wife had diapered him and now she made him call me for some AB sitting. He had no idea where on earth she could have gotten such an idea *wink wink*, but here he was. So i talked to him about what had brought him to the point. He wasn’t very nice at first, til his mommy came in and spanked his bare bottom over her knee at my instruction. Next, she had to wash his mouth out with soap. He really did not want to realize what was going on here. He did not want to accept his new role in life. If he was going to act childish, well then he was going to get treated that way. Needless to say we ended up punishing this naughty husband for quite sometime til he accepted his new lot in life and that he was the only one to blame for his new predicament. We ended our night with him being given a written punishment to be completed the next morning, after he had woken up and really had time to think about what happened. I received an email a week later from the naughty husband and his wife. He thanked me for helping with his punishment. He had come to realize that his selfish behavior was deserved. He has accepted his new role as an AB boy and his  mommy was thrilled with the changes in him. Sometimes naughty adult boys just need to be reminded of their place and that they should be thankful to have a mommy (and sitter) who cares enough to do so. Have you been a naughty boy? Maybe you don’t have a mommy to give you the discipline you need and deserve. Or maybe your mommy needs a break and a sitter for you. Whatever your disciplinary needs, Mommy Josie is here to help. I have lots of ideas for creative punishment to help naughty Adult baby boys like you behave themselves, so give me a call and confess, you will feel much better after mommy gives you a good dose of punishment.   Mommy Josie 888~430~2010    
March 5, 2011

sissy bed wetter

It’s that time of day when sissy bed wetters are about to wake up and find themselves in soaked sheets. Maybe those wet pants sissies should have let Mommy diaper them. At the very least they should have diapered up before heading into dream land. You know that when Mommy diapers you sissy that there will be very girly humiliating diapers involved. I’d most likely put you in thick cloth diapers and frilly plastic pants. If you give me too much trouble about that then your bottom will get reintroduced to my hairbrush Miss Scarlet 1-888-938-7382 $1.99 a min US & Canada, $2.50 to connect International Calls are $2.99 a min. International Callers use- 714-422-2402 Billed discreetly as Madison Enterprise
January 21, 2011

bound in diapers

Sissie Meg wanted to show me what his last Mistress had done to him. She seemed to be into diapers and bondage just as I am. Since the last session Sis Meg had with his Domme he has purchased plastic panties that lock. Lucky for me because they are some of my favorite things for abies to have. Lucky for Sis Meg because this way she could be bound in her diapers and gorgeous panties. Mommy Scarlet
January 15, 2011

Diaper Humiliation!

So you have made a big poopy in your diaper and need a diaper change? No time like the present, Mommies girlfriends are over and would love to help tehehe, no time to waste we must change you ASAP. Not wanting to? Are you being obstinent? Bad Diaperboy! Desperate times calls for desperate measures! I guess this will be a forced diaper change! Now, dont be so shy little ABDL, I promise their giggling with you not at you *laughs hysterically* Awww, are you feeling a little flushed? I know, I know, you are worried about that stiff pee pee, I think we can handle that wee bitty thang *giggles* Mommie Becca 1 888 430 2010
December 22, 2010

New Year

This is my last blog post here for the year and it has me thinking of what a great year 2010 has been. Some of the abies here in our community I have gotten to know better during our sessions and in the chat. Some are new friends who I look forward to getting to know in the New Year. Personal changes have happened and I’m excited to be moving (hopefully sooner than later).I’m thankful for another year helping adult babies and diaper lovers to express themselves and for me to get to do the same with them. So to those of you who have helped me to make this year memorable thank you so very much. To start off 2011 I wanted to do a New Year’s Abie special. The first abie who calls me on January 1st 2011 will get 11 free minutes on their call. New Year’s Day is the perfect time to try something new so if you have never called a Mommy who not try it and get some free minutes also. Mommy Scarlet
September 24, 2010


You don't really need an excuse to have a party. It can be for an event like a Birthday, Fourth of July, Weddings or whatever. You can also throw a just because party. Those spontaneous just because parties can be the most fun. One time my ex boyfriend threw a just because party and it was a small gathering. It was wonderful to get to know some of his friends on a one on one basis though. Later that week I threw him a private just because party with diapers and baby bottles, just the two of us. So party for whatever reason you wish whenever you can. Life is too short not to enjoy. Mommy Shirley
May 7, 2010


I have lollipops on one side and a paddle for spanking butts on the other. Which side would I go to to get your treat? It might be both. I may spank your bottom or paddle it until it is the color of a cherry lollipop then give you one to suck on as you sniffle and rub your butt. Only you know how truly naughty you are and what you deserve. Sometimes though, the shaking of your voice says it all. Mommy Lexus
December 3, 2009


What if you could have your Christmas wish and be small again? Maybe not to become small in body but small emotionally or mentally like the baby you are on the inside. I just wish I could bake up a batch of cookies with that sort of magic in them. Some of you would find yourselves smaller and tiny even. Some of you would just feel like something wild was happening and then suddenly your wishes would have come true. It would be fun for it to last for at least one day to go back and feel just like you want to feel. If it were possible how many of you would munch on my special cookies? Mommy Scarlet
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