December 12, 2015

Nanny Ella’s Favorite Things – Part 2

Why hello my little Adult Babies and Diaper Lovers! Welcome back to the nursery! I hope you are enjoying your holiday season, and you are being VERY good so that Santa AND Nanny Ella can give you lots of treats and presents. Of course I know some of you naughty bABies out there will get  into trouble and will have to be punished! Speaking of punishment…that is ANOTHER of My Favorite Things. Oh I love to be sweet and cuddley with my Adult Babies, buuuuuut….there is something so exciting to lay you out over my knee on my warm naked lap and give that naughty bottom a good smack! Some bABies need even more than that because they are extra naughty. It’s a good thing I have lots of adult toys that I can punish them with. What about you? How naughty have you been? Do I need to put you over my lap? Or maybe put something in that little diaper boy bottom of yours 😉 Love and Holiday Hugs, Nanny Ella @nannyellamadison 888-430-2010
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