July 26, 2011

Baby-sized Peepee

Are you kidding me??  Is that nub of a thing an actual penis or a clitty trying to be one?  You must know that it’s not worth anything, right?  That it doesn’t even fall in the small penis category; it does, however, belong in the microscopic penis category.  I mean, there are small penises, and then there are those that are so small that they simply scream out for some small penis humiliation.  Yours, my dear, is the latter of the two.  You do know what’s next, don’t you?  Something that small has but one fate – to be placed back in a diaper!  This can’t be a surprise to you, can it?  After all, where else would a baby-sized peepee go?   Gina 1-888-430-2010
June 28, 2011

Poopy Pants gets Busted!

Now I hope you learned your lesson little man! Mommy has warned you to always be sure to have on clean underwear. But this time you really did it! Busted by the police in your poopy pants. Now you’re bound and calling Mommy to get you out of trouble once again. Mommy’s has to change you right here in front of the officers and all the neighbors, keeping you in the handcuffs the officers put on you as you kick and scream. Mommy has to keep you in diapers for now on and no leaving the house without Mommy checking them first! Do you understand? Answer Me! Well Do You? Mommy Rebecca 1 888 430 2010
June 27, 2011

Dickless Wonder

Good God, Put the Telescope away, It’s Unnecessary! Sorry Babe that just won’t do. Its Hard? No Fucking Way! OMG you’re kidding right? Did you seriously think your insignificant pindick would satisfy me? A gerbil maybe. But don’t get me wrong you may not be a complete waste of space, perhaps my personal slave if you deem yourself worthy. We’ll see how you do. Once the chore list is complete, run my bath water and dress in the clothes I left on my bed, don’t forget the collar. I have invited over my new Stud for my pleasure this evening. How are you at Cocksucking? Not to worry, practice makes perfect. How much entertainment you shall provide us as we mock and laugh hysterically at you attempting to pump that minute clitdick off! Sara 1888 430 2010
April 17, 2011

Phone Sex with Jenna

So you want to know what I’m good at.
Why you should call me, hmm? First and foremost, I will humiliate you. I am not a nice person. I’m extremely mean. I do not care about your feelings. You will most likely at some point cry on the phone with me. I want you to be made to feel like the tiniest person around. I want you to realize that you are worthless, that you don’t deserve that cock of yours and that you are so stupid for thinking that I actually want you. Whether it’s your penis size, your love of diapers, your need to be controlled, or any number of other things, I will poke fun at you.
Make no mistake. You will enjoy my laughter. I have an infectious laugh. When I make fun of you, you will love the sweet yet evil laughter that goes along with it. You will start to crave it.
One taste and you will be hooked! Are you really just a lost little sissy? Do you need someone to dress you, to tell you what shoes to put on, to tell you how to do your makeup? I can do that as well. I love role playing. Boss, secretary, doctor, nurse, student, teacher, wife, girlfriend, girl-next-door, college co-ed, Domme, submissive. I will take your fantasy to the next level when we roleplay.
You will be begging for more! Jenna 1* 888 *430* 2010  
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