Sissy Fag
June 26, 2011
Mommy’s slumber party
June 27, 2011

Good God, Put the Telescope away, It’s Unnecessary!
Sorry Babe that just won’t do.
Its Hard?
No Fucking Way!
OMG you’re kidding right?
Did you seriously think your insignificant pindick would satisfy me?
A gerbil maybe.
But don’t get me wrong you may not be a complete waste of space, perhaps my personal slave if you deem yourself worthy.
We’ll see how you do. Once the chore list is complete, run my bath water and dress in the clothes I left on my bed, don’t forget the collar. I have invited over my new Stud for my pleasure this evening.
How are you at Cocksucking? Not to worry, practice makes perfect.
How much entertainment you shall provide us as we mock and laugh hysterically at you attempting to pump that minute clitdick off!


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