February 12, 2011

Hearts and Diapers

You think that the two don’t go together? You would be wrong! When I make you into my diaper boy, you will see how right I am. I will have you prance around in those cute little heart decorated diapers, forced to show them off to all my friends. I know what you are thinking “No way, no way am I getting into sissy diapers” *laughs wickedly* but Guess Again! Mizz Rebecca 1 888 430 2010
February 27, 2010


I sure hope that is not one of my Adult babies on the street tugging on other people, demanding attention! He has no idea the ridicule he will face from me once I learn about his bad behavior! No, No, not one of mine babies for sure. For if I caught him acting badly in public, making a disgrace of himself and embarrassing me, the punishment he would face would be more then he could stand! Mommy Becca 1 888 430 2010
November 18, 2009

Little Wetty Davey

Davey came to class unprepared. I told him of my disappointment in him and he just put his head down and said nothing. I brought all the other adult babies out for recess as he was made to stand by my side and not allowed to play. He became so upset that he wet his pants. Therefore, when we went back inside I decided he needed a punishment. I made him stand and face the chalkboard in his wet pants while I conducted my next lesson. Now the other kids laughed at him in his wet pants and I tried to keep them quiet but you know kids, sometimes they just have to let it out. So I joined in on the fun mocking him, calling him a baby, piss pants, stinky boy, telling him what a little wussy he was when he broke out in tears. Poor little Davey he truly endured a day of humiliation, that he will never forget. Ready to take your punishment? Call Today! Mizz. Rebecca 1 888 30 2010
March 23, 2009

All in a Day’s Work……

Oh, my little one you are all wet and sticky. What have you gotten into? Mommy Sara told you not to mess yourself. I told you to wear that diaper. But nooooo, you refused to listen to Mommy. That’s it! I’m done your gona get cleaned up and into that diaper if it’s the last thing I ever make you do! Now come on come with Mommy into the bathroom where I can wash you all up. First let me get those hands, you were diggin all in that messy diapey and now you are a mess! Alrighty then, let’s get those dirty old panties off you so we can finish washing you. That’s a baby, don’t you feel so clean and fresh now? Of course you do, now let me put a nice clean diapey on that bottom. Little lotion and some snow flakes (aka baby powder) so baby stay nice and fresh. Ahhh, now don’t you smell so clean and pretty? Yes-um, mommies little baby is already to play again. No worries baby, Mommy is here! Mommy Sara 1 888 430 2010
March 15, 2009

A Little Bit of Pain is Pleasurable

Sara likes a little bit of pain. One of my latest new torturing devices is my tweezers. I like to pluck that hair out of your head, your arm pits, your private area *giggles* don’t be scared now, it really is rather enjoyable. It’s like a twinge of delight. And when it’s done just right in the right area it can be very erotic! Mommy Sara 1-888-430-2010
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