Little Playtime
November 18, 2009
Snow Angel
November 19, 2009


Davey came to class unprepared. I told him of my disappointment in him and he just put his head down and said nothing. I brought all the other adult babies out for recess as he was made to stand by my side and not allowed to play. He became so upset that he wet his pants. Therefore, when we went back inside I decided he needed a punishment. I made him stand and face the chalkboard in his wet pants while I conducted my next lesson. Now the other kids laughed at him in his wet pants and I tried to keep them quiet but you know kids, sometimes they just have to let it out. So I joined in on the fun mocking him, calling him a baby, piss pants, stinky boy, telling him what a little wussy he was when he broke out in tears. Poor little Davey he truly endured a day of humiliation, that he will never forget.

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