April 22, 2013

Caged Peepee

Everybody knows that ABies get themselves into trouble all the time. They’re always doing something they’re not supposed to, or trying to be sneaky to get away with doing naughty stuff. And I swear, half the time its trying to get away with putting their hands down their diapers! Luckily, I always keep a few cages in my diaper bag when I go babysitting. And I like to surprise them with it! It makes it wayyyy more fun heehee!! When its time for their diaper change I put them up on the table, like usual, and start opening up their diapy, wiping them up and getting ready to put a fresh one on. Right before I go to tape up the new diaper, I pull a cage out of my diaper bag and lock it on him before he even has a chance to figure out what’s going on heehee! Oh they always start wailing away heehee, grabbing the front of their diaper where they should be able to feel their peepee, but all they can feel is that bulky cage under the diaper! No more naughty time for you, silly ABy!! Plus its so much fun to watch ‘em pout every time they forget they’re in the cage and reach down for a feel!! Jenna 1.888.430.2010
April 15, 2012

Dirty Panty Lover

My baby brother is such a panty lover. I caught him sniffing my dirty panties. He is such a panty lover. He loves my sent and he envies the fact that I get to wear such pretty frilly things. I know this is why he is constantly sneaking into my room and hamper. So I decided it was time to have some fun with him. I laid our some of my panties on the edge of my bed and called him into my room. Then I blindfolded him and had him get on his knees. I had him sniff each one. He had to guess which ones were ones I have worn recently, which ones I had worn on my day of the month, ones I did a creamies in, which ones I had left skid marks in and ones that were recently washed. If he guessed them right then he got to keep them and if he guessed them wrong then he had to wear them. Yes, he had to wear my blood stained panties and my skid mark stained panties. It was so much fun watching him sniffs them over and over and even better yet was having him stand in front of me with nothing on but my dirty panties and seeing him get all stiff because of it! He is really a true dirty panty lover it was so much fun I am going to make up some more games for him, I am thinking next time I will invite some girlfriends over and have them bring along their dirty panties too. * giggles * Manipulative Mandy 1_888_430_2010 YIM: stepsistermandy
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