November 1, 2013

Boot Fetish Indulgence

Did you feel it? Can you feel it? I felt it! It was a blast of cold air right up my skirt! Could it be… fall in the air? Summer is over, and with the cooler air heading my way, it is time for shopping, and indulging in one of my personal favorite fetishes – boots!!! Tall boots, short boots, thigh high’s – love and lust to them all! Now of course I will still be wearing my signature mini skirts with those luscious boots. But with those skirts comes those who can’t seem to resist trying to sneak a peek up them! You know who you are (J!!)! Well I guess I can walk around a little more at ease knowing that my thongs may be replaced by stockings (so there, you naughty little ones!).  I love my fishnets and my crotchless tights. Hmmm…wait, cum to think of it, that really wouldn’t keep you from peeking, now would it? Oh well, I better not catch you or it will be over my knee for a paddling of your life!     Tell me what your favorite fall outfit is!     Kisses & Hugs Maggie 1.888.430.2010
August 16, 2013

Foot Baby

You’re always such a good boy when I tell you to sit at my feet, be it while I’m standing in the kitchen, or sitting in the living room. A big smile always comes across your face when I tell you curl up at my feet as I prop myself against my headboard of my bed, settling in for the night. I feel your hands gently wrapped around my calves, or resting on my feet.  I feel when you lean against my legs, your cheek caressing my soft, supple feet.  You’ve even gone so far as to nuzzle my feet, inhaling deeply, pulling the pungent odor deep inside you.  You think I don’t know why you are so willing to comply with my wishes…but I do.  You are enthralled by my feet.  The scent of them after a long day of being entrapped in my silky stockings, my heels, my boots, is enough to send you over the edge.  You yearn to put my pedicured toes in your mouth, tasting the salty goodness of them.  You want to feel them rubbing against you, your face, your diaper, inside your diaper.  It’s all right my dear; I understand and am more than willing give you your hearts desire… All I ask in return is your undying reverence and obedience in all things.     Lexus 1.888.430.2010
March 19, 2011

Leg fetish

So you like legs, do you? You love looking at a ladies sexy legs, how beautifully shaped they are. Longing to run your hand over her smooth skin up her strong thighs, thinking of licking and kissing her luscious legs. How seductive is her legs are in a pair of silky stockings, makes you weak doesnt it? Crawl to me baby, cum and worship me my leg-man. Nylon MILF Lauren.1.888.430.2010
July 11, 2010

Sock Puppet

How to make your very own sock puppet!!!! Now this is good clean fun folks! lol Things You’ll Need: •Wiggly Eyes •Cotton Socks •Single Socks •3/8-inch Dowels •Styrofoam Balls •Batting •Craft Pompoms •Fabric Glue •Felt •Scrap Yarn •Cotton Swabs •Cotton Swabs •Plastic Drinking Cups •Scissors •Scissors •Construction Paper •Permanent Markers •Pipe Cleaners •Permanent markers •Pipe cleaners Hand Puppet Step 1 Save a single clean sock. The sock needs to be large enough to fit loosely over a child’s hand. Step 2 Gather craft supplies such as construction paper, permanent marker, wiggly eyes, felt, yarn, pipe cleaners, craft glue, cotton balls or batting. Step 3 Place hand in sock with thumb and fingers working like a mouth. Step 4 Mark lightly with a marker – areas for mouth, eyes, nose, and ears. Step 5 Cut ears and mouth from felt and glue in marked areas with fabric glue or craft glue. Step 6 Glue wiggly eyes in place. However, make eyes with a black permanent marker if puppet is going to be using by small children. Step 7 Use yarn cut into small strings and glued to sock for hair or horse’s mane. Step 8 Make antlers, horns, or antennas from pipe cleaners. Stick Puppet Step 1 Use an adult-sized clean sock. Step 2 Gather craft supplies: Styrofoam balls, 3/8-inch dowel rod, plastic cups, wiggly eyes, felt, yarn, pipe cleaners, craft glue, craft pompoms, and cotton balls. Step 3 Push the dowel rod at an angle into the Styrofoam ball. Step 4 Cut four ear shapes for your puppet from felt. Step 5 Lay a pipe cleaner bent in half on one felt ear shape and glue the other felt ear shape on top – leaving about 1 inch of pipe cleaner sticking out of the bottom of the ear. This is what you will stick into the foam ball. Step 6 Place foam ball with dowel rod inside sock. Step 7 Glue on wiggle eyes, or draw eyes with a permanent marker. Step 8 Glue or draw on nose. Pompoms found in a store’s craft department make cute noses. Step 9 Cut a small slit in the sock on the side of the head for the ears. Poke the pipe cleaner through the slit into the foam ball. Make pipe-cleaner antennas the same way. Step 10 Stuff the neck with batting. You will need to use enough batting to make the head stand up. Step 11 Cut a hole into the bottom of the plastic cup. Turn cup upside down and slide over dowel rod up inside the sock neck. Step 12 Move puppet by holding the cup and moving the dowel rod. I would love to see what you come up with, just email me your sock puppet pictures to my email and maybe I’ll post them. Stacie 1-888-430-2010
May 2, 2010

Meet the new Pixie Hollow – Slate

Okay, Peter Pan Fans and Longtime Fairy admires, Disney now has a new male fairy (Ain’t it about time!) Here to represent the little Bell in you all! Although Disney has issues calling the new male pixie a Fairy Boy nad pefers the term Sparrow Man, Mizz. Rebecca has no problem with it at all. In fact, I pefer Fairy Boy over both Slate and Sparrow Man. So my little pixies, grab your wings and your tights and give me a call so that I can christan you properly with a little sprinkle of my magic dust! Mizz Rebecca 1 888 430 2010
June 11, 2009

Happy Thirsty Thursday!

Hello Darlings, Just wanted to say “Happy Thursday” or maybe “Happy Thirsty Thursday” hope all your bottles are full and your relaxing happily in your diapers. If anyone is in need of a nice full breast of warm, sweet, Lauren milk then please feel free to give me a call I have plenty on tap …always… Muah! Lauren
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