January 24, 2016

Fetish phone sex

You know you want to call and play out your favorite fetish with me.  I really enjoy when some of the adult bABies call me and tell me what their secret fantasy’s are.  We all have secret fetishes and fantasies and to be that special person they feel safe talking too about it and then playing it out with is such a complement to me. I enjoy being the hot MILF that seduces my caller; the virgin boy next door. Or the babysitter that helps them with their fear of going to sleep alone at night, I lie in their bed and cuddle them till they fall asleep, or maybe they want to learn how to kiss for the first time, so I teach them how to kiss their first girlfriend. Maybe even show them how to go up her shirt and play with her nipples and get her all excited, the girlfriend will never want to break up with them when she realizes all the skills they have.  Maybe they want me to put them in a diaper and then rub their cock till it gets hard, they feel embarrassed to tell anyone that it feels so comfortable and the thought of Cumming in it is such a turn on for them.These are just some of the reasons my adult babies call me. What are your fantasies that Tawny can play out with you?        Tawny (888)430-2010
June 11, 2009

Happy Thirsty Thursday!

Hello Darlings, Just wanted to say “Happy Thursday” or maybe “Happy Thirsty Thursday” hope all your bottles are full and your relaxing happily in your diapers. If anyone is in need of a nice full breast of warm, sweet, Lauren milk then please feel free to give me a call I have plenty on tap …always… Muah! Lauren
April 30, 2009

Diaper Dreams

Mommy Lauren was talking to one of her most special abies on the phone and he told me about a very happy dream that he had. My abie had a special dream that Mommy Lauren brought home a most wonderful surprise a beautiful basket full of assorted diapers. Disposable and cloth of every single color and style. As my abie looked through the basket with much delight he also found plastic panties in all colors some with ruffles some plain and matching bonnets and bibs. We spent the entire afternoon trying on all the new and wonderful abie things and at the end of the day Mommy Lauren nursed her abie to sleep so he could have more special diaper dreams. Call Mommy Lauren now for your special surprise .. oh the fun we will have!
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