June 5, 2013

Simon Says

Last night at bedtime you were such a naughty little aby. You ran around the house with mommy chasing you to get you into bed, it was time for sleeping but you decided it was time to play a game with mommy. At first I wasn’t upset and played along with you but then you didn’t stop you continued so mommy had to teach you a lesson. You watched as mommy went into her room and appeared again with paddle in hand, you had a sly little grin on your face, I think you thought that mommy was just going to pretend to spank you until you went into your room. So, you went to walk into your room and felt a slight tug at the arm of your pajamas. You knew that mommy intended to spank you. Your eyes began to well up with tears even before I got you over my knee. I dragged you over to the couch where I sat at the edge, took down your pants, pulled off you nice clean diaper laid you over my knee. One swat for running from mommy, two swats for laughing when mommy was being serious, three swats for frustrating mommy. And four which is the hardest just because mommy enjoys spanking your bottom and giving you the loving correction that you need and deserve. Now you may go off to bed, I have a feeling your not going to play the “I’m not going to bed” game for awhile! Goodnight, and sweet mommy kisses. Mommy Lauren 1-888-430-2010
October 6, 2011

Assume the Position

Now this is how I like to see my little ones – bare assed, red and raw from a severe session of spankings, and bent over the toilet receiving an enema.  It’s always good to remind my little guys who is exactly in charge and what the consequences are for misbehaving and/or not following instructions.  Heck, they can get this treatment if I’m just in the mood, LOL!  Hmmmmm, I feel the urge coming on now – what unsuspecting victim, I mean little one, shall I satisfy my urges on today?   Gina v  
July 1, 2011

Mischief Maker

Ok, so I saw this pic and I just had to laugh!  Can you imagine walking into the bathroom and finding this?  Then I was thinking, now what would I do to the little mischief maker who made such a mess?  Well, of course the answer would be put him over my knee for a long and hard paddling!  Then perhaps into a nice thick diaper and placed in the corner to think on what a baaaad baby he was!  But I have to admit, I probably would be thinking what an ingenious little prankster I have over my knee ;)!     Step right up and get your over the knee spanking and diaper punishment, you naughty little mischief maker!     Mommy Gina 1*888*430*2010
November 22, 2009

Sissy gets spanked…again

What’s that Baby J? You wet your pretty panties again? Why didn’t you tell mommy you had to go potty? Now look at thos pretty panties mommy picked out for you all soaked. What am I going to do with you? Go get  mommy the paddle. If I have to go get the paddle you are really going to get it… Mommy gives spanks Mommy Josie **ask for Mommy Josie’s “turkey special” to get a special rate of 1.79/min now through Nov. 30.
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