October 6, 2011


A darkened hallway You see a figure walk towards you, slowly I come into focus, our eyes lock You are powerless to turn away…… My hand reaches out to you It caresses the side of your face Still powerless…… Not being able to resist, I lean in and kiss you gently on the lips The taste upon your lips is unfamiliar – Not unpleasant It leaves a tingling sensation, One that starts to spread throughout your body With each moment that passes Your strength seems to be melting away Powerless against the sensation…… I move to your ear, whispering Everything will be fine You try to turn your head towards mine, You find you are powerless to do so I pull your head down to my exposed breast You try to resist, but can not My warm milk flows freely into your waiting mouth, Powerless to stop it…… As my milk fills you, something strange starts to happen… You find yourself shrinking, Diminishing against my breast…… My hands now holding you… …smaller now… …even smaller… …powerless to stop it…… Powerless to stop feeding…… With each suckle you shrink Regressing even more Until at last you find yourself nestled in my arms My gaze looking down at you, Smiling sweetly, Cooing at my new baby…… Powerless in my embrace…… I turn back down towards the darkened hallway Your transformation complete …enveloped by my arms… …powerless……   Mommy Maggie 1*888*430*2010   Specializing in, among other things, ** age regression * shrinking fetish *  sci/fi /fantasy fetish **  
January 16, 2011

SciFi Fantasy

One of the most fascinating things about phone sex is that of the imagination. Going beyond the norms of reality and branching out into the unknown and sometimes the forbidden. Most people who know me know my interest with Aliens, UFOs and the supernatural. Often times such interest can splendidly intertwine into hot fucking sex! Imagine an alien species that come and take us over, horrid terrifying creatures that have an insatiable sexual drive. The creature corners me, towers over me, his foul breath searing down my neck as he slams me against the unpleasantly cold wall, ripping from me my garments shredding them with his massive claws tossing them aside, exposing me and my tight ass to do with as he wishes. The creature Whips out his enormous scaly solid cock to assault me with as I stand in horror trembling before him, as he holds me firmly in his clutch and begins to ram his organ deep inside me as I let out a bloodcurdling scream. His cock sliding in and out of me – tearing me – stretching me to fit him. His long lizard like tongue thrashes my face, his claws placed firmly against my hands restrains my movement. He has complete control – he ravishes me till I can no longer stand, in total exhaustion I collapse to my knees, he owns me now, his slave…… forever his. Sara 1 888 430 2010
June 13, 2010

Cameron's Space Spanking

On our journey to Jupiter, Cameron was being a very naughty boy. Begining with urging all his friends, Alf, Big Bird, and Ernie to continiously shout out “Are we there yet!” So I had no other choice but to give him a spanking in front of all the Mommies aboard. He was placed over my knee as I sat in the control room and spanked his little bottom till he learned his lesson. The very first Space Spanking. Then of course he needed a diaper change so luckily the ship has a fully decked out nursery aboard loaded with Bambino diapers. I changed his diaper and placed him in the play pen next to the window so he could watch as we circled around Jupiter preparing to land. Cameron is making history with us Mommies here at phone a mommy on our journeys in the UFO provided by Cameron, come and join us in our adventures Abies in Space! Dont forget to Phone a Mommy! Sara 1 888 430 2010
May 2, 2010

Be on the Look Out!

Smurfs Gone Wild! Be on the Look out for blue little creatures that go by the name of Smurfs. Don’t let the cute little name fool you these little creatures are armed, dangerous and WANTED in the alleged allegations of sneaking into windows at night, bounding up their victims and forcing many obscene sexual acts. Once again, they are dangerous, into BDSM and are believed to be stalking their next victim. Last report has these little blue creatures in the proximity of our very own Moderator Delilah’s house at 1:00am this morning, that’s right, you heard that right, so if you see her you may want to warn her the little BDSM Blue Creatures are in her neighborhood! Mommy Sara 1 888 430 2010
May 2, 2010

Meet the new Pixie Hollow – Slate

Okay, Peter Pan Fans and Longtime Fairy admires, Disney now has a new male fairy (Ain’t it about time!) Here to represent the little Bell in you all! Although Disney has issues calling the new male pixie a Fairy Boy nad pefers the term Sparrow Man, Mizz. Rebecca has no problem with it at all. In fact, I pefer Fairy Boy over both Slate and Sparrow Man. So my little pixies, grab your wings and your tights and give me a call so that I can christan you properly with a little sprinkle of my magic dust! Mizz Rebecca 1 888 430 2010
March 26, 2010

Super Mommies

Once we found a safe place to land on this strange planet, the first thing the Mommies needed to do was get the Babies changed. The Mommies all had Incredible Strength as did the Babies. As they stepped out onto the surface, they saw a lake near by. Perfect they thought, a great place for them to play, surrounded by little toys while us Mommies enjoy the sun before we get to work. As the babies waddled towards the lake, their full leaking diapers sagged while some of the leakage splattered the native creatures trapping them like quicksand. Their powerful feet pounded the surface tossing the miniature humans high into the sky in all directions and the babies laughed as they bounced back off the surface like a ball. The babies feet left enormous craters in their wake flattening the tiny people underneath them. Like Sci-fi Fantasies? I know my Big Baby does so this one is for you and anyone else who enjoys them! Mommy Sara 1 888 430 2010
January 10, 2010

A Planet Called Nye!

Let me bring you to another time and place a planet far from earth where fairy tales are real. We will begin by you lying your head in my lap, Close your eyes and clear your mind, you will control your breathing as I command you to. This will help to bring you to a state of total relaxation, to reduce your pulse rate and come under my control. I will begin by describing our flight to Nye as we cross through the galaxies floating and drifting effortlessly through the cosmos, past the milkyway, as the light from the stars rush by. Nye is a beautiful place with all pastel colors, its full of wonder, a magical land where all dreams are fulfilled. As we step onto the surface the grass is full and lushes, in shades of teal, lime, emerald and forest, we sink into it as we walk, it squashes underneath your every step. There are full giant tress, in colors of blue and pink. The birds and squirrels greet us. Up ahead there before us there is a river, it is crystal clear so to see to the bottom, and the ripples sparkles like diamonds, We watch as all the fish jump up and say Hello. Mommy sits you down on a large, yellow, squishy rock, you sink into it as everything is soft and squashy underneath us. Nye is a grand place to visit, come lend me your ear, and I will tell you some more. Mommy Sara 1 888 430 2010
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