Kisses And Hugs
January 10, 2010
Sissy Fierce
January 10, 2010

mommy's lullabies

Let me bring you to another time and place
a planet far from earth where fairy tales are real.
We will begin by you lying your head in my lap,
Close your eyes and clear your mind,
you will control your breathing as I command you to.
This will help to bring you to a state of total relaxation,
to reduce your pulse rate and come under my control.
I will begin by describing our flight to Nye
as we cross through the galaxies floating and drifting
effortlessly through the cosmos, past the milkyway,
as the light from the stars rush by.
Nye is a beautiful place with all pastel colors,
its full of wonder, a magical land where all dreams are fulfilled.
As we step onto the surface the grass is full and lushes,
in shades of teal, lime, emerald and forest,
we sink into it as we walk, it squashes underneath
your every step. There are full giant tress, in colors of
blue and pink. The birds and squirrels greet us.
Up ahead there before us there is a river,
it is crystal clear so to see to the bottom,
and the ripples sparkles like diamonds,
We watch as all the fish jump up and say Hello.
Mommy sits you down on a large, yellow, squishy rock,
you sink into it as everything is soft and squashy underneath us.
Nye is a grand place to visit, come lend me your ear,
and I will tell you some more.

Mommy Sara

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