Rhumba Bras
June 12, 2010
Bikini Season
June 13, 2010

On our journey to Jupiter, Cameron was being a very naughty boy. Begining with urging all his friends, Alf, Big Bird, and Ernie to continiously shout out “Are we there yet!” So I had no other choice but to give him a spanking in front of all the Mommies aboard. He was placed over my knee as I sat in the control room and spanked his little bottom till he learned his lesson. The very first Space Spanking. Then of course he needed a diaper change so luckily the ship has a fully decked out nursery aboard loaded with Bambino diapers. I changed his diaper and placed him in the play pen next to the window so he could watch as we circled around Jupiter preparing to land.
Cameron is making history with us Mommies here at phone a mommy on our journeys in the UFO provided by Cameron, come and join us in our adventures Abies in Space!

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