December 3, 2012

kinky mommy

I am one helluva kinky mommy. The kind of mommy that wears fishnets,corsets & tight dresses. You fantasize all about me I bet thinking about what my bare legs look like out of my fishnets. You are so obvious over in that dark corner of your room with you hand down in your diaper. Only really naughty little one’s stroke themselves while their kinky,gorgeous mommy is getting dressed. What would happen if your little friends saw you acting that way ? I bet you would be horrified and humiliated if they knocked on your bed room door while you were peeping at me through that secret hole you made in your room. Dirty little diapered peeper! Vicious kinky mommy V    
April 25, 2012

Manicure for my Sissy

One of the things that I require a sissy of mine to adhere to is to have well-kept nails – both finger and toes.  They should be pampered and softened and always have a coat of polish on.   Now I don’t expect them to know instinctively how to maintain proper nail care, so I always take them to the salon for a professional mani and pedi.  This way they can see first hand all the steps that need to be taken in proper nail care.  From cuticle care to nutritional facts for healthy nails and nail beds, to how to proper shape nails to the actual application of polish (I should mention that I am not one for hairy knuckles, so having their hands waxed is also on the itinerary).   It goes without saying that this would take place under my close supervision, chatting with the beautician about all the steps you have to go through to be the best sissy you can possibly be – your mannerisms, your walk, your dress, and of course other aspects of your personal hygiene and beauty regiments, picking her brain for any and all beauty secrets she would be willing to share.     As you can see, I am a firm believer in the benefits of a proper manicure, from a sweet sissy abie to a sexy sissy slut; everyone deserves a trip to the salon for a professional manicure.   Gina (888) 430.2010
March 8, 2011

Diaper Domination

For some adult babies just being in diapers isn’t enough is it? Some of you enjoy a touch of domination and bondage with your diaper time and I love it myself. Diaper slave assignments and humiliating tasks done in diapers can heighten the calls you make to your diaper Mistress. Not all diapered submissives are driven by the same things though so let us know what triggers make it more enjoyable for you. Being dominant doesn’t mean being indifferent to your submissives needs and wants. While your Mistress may not be into everything that you enjoy surely there is some common ground where you both can be fulfilled in diapers and domination. Thank you to all of the diapered submissives who give us a heads up and an idea of what makes them feel even more submissive. It’s fairly easy to learn what each abdl Mommy likes by viewing our pages on the site or chatting with us but it’s so nice when you help us out so that we both get the most out of our time together as we can.   Mommy Scarlet
January 18, 2011


What makes you smile so big and wide is it when granny takes you into her arms and holds you ever so tightly against her. Maybe its when she checks that diaper and makes a funny face looking down at you saying oh my i smell something down there.Or just maybe its when she changes that stinky diaper and give you a fresh bottle of milk and tucks a nice fuzzy warm blanket around you and rocks you to sleep sounds good to me. i enjoy teasing my little ones because they are funny and ever so cute to watch. But then again never know what granny might have up her sleeve she is always thinking of something she can dress you up in as you know she loves her sissy boys. Lily 1-888-430-2010
March 27, 2010

What have you been sniffin?

I don’t know if I would be okay sticking my face up this dudes ass just to view the landscape. LOL I thought it was an interesting picture nonetheless; whoever made these statues making the view point their ass, well I want to meet him! Maybe Adam needs an Eve on that roof top, ya think? But instead of cement use a nice cushy material like memory foam for her Boobs and view it through her nipples. Rebecca 1 888 430 2010
January 3, 2010

Come Closer

Come get a feel of these babies. Talk about a new discipline procedure. I could see this coming in very handy to all you bad little boys and girls. Just when you done throwing that fit thinking your gona come cuddle next to Mommy and get some loving, lying your head on Mommies breast and Ouch! A hard sweet sting! So next time you have been naughty and you see Mommy walking around in her latest Dome gear, watch out cause these babies pack more then milk! Mommy Sara 1 888 430 2010
December 6, 2009

You Saw Mommy What?

Yes, I know some of the babies were scared to death awakening to such a sight, others became very jealous and had to be given a spanking, NyQuil and sent back to bed, while the sissy boys were dressed up as a little toy doll and made to give Santa a blow job in exchange for their Christmas toys. All awhile Daddy snored up a storm drunk from the laced eggnog Mommy gave him earlier that evening. Want your toys this year youngins? Then I suggest babies stay in their beds no creeping down the stairs and hiding behind the banisters, for I will be handing out spankings liberally this Christmas season so beware not to cross me! Unless of course, you have intentions of joining Mommy and Santa’s fun! In that case give me a call and I’ll arrange a special meeting for you. Mommy Rebecca 1 888 430 2010
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