February 8, 2016

Daddy Dom Pt4

Just a little daddy dom story I came up with in my creative writings class! Here’s part four. You can find the rest of the remaining chapters on my other blogs. Enjoy!.. She had thought about her childhood then, images of her sitting in her Father’s lap while he crept his hand up her leg flooded her mind, making her crank her toy up to full speed, dipping it inside her wet pussy. She had lost all contact with him after her mother found out about their forbidden affair. It had been years now. Her climax slowly rose from within her, taking over as her body spasmed from her orgasm. As she layed her head back on her pillow and closed her eyes the vibration from her smart phone startled them open. She picked it up and looked at the ID. Private number… I wonder who that could be at an hour like this? She thought. “Hello?” she said still flustered from her orgasm. “Crissy? Is that my babygirl? I hope I have the right number..” Her eyes widened, her whole body tensing with astonishment as she recognized the voice.. “…Daddy?” Crissy 888*430*2010
October 15, 2015

Dirty Diary

Hello Eric, your mommy had to go away for the day so I am going to watch you. My name is Mr. Zuni, but you will call me daddy. Your mommy trusts me to watch you so you will not tell her anything that happens today, you can write about it in your dirty diary I want to be able to watch you all the time. I love how you look in that sissy outfit. It’s so short I can see everything when you bend over. Those panties look so nice. Your mouth seems a little empty right now, I think I have something that will fill it up. You are just the right size to stand right in front of my big cock. Open wide sissy my cock is going to fill you up good. Stop complaining you can’t take it all, you know you want it. You are going to want to lube it up real good because your virgin ass is going to take it next. If you would like to hear the rest then call mommy Susan. 888-430-2010
October 21, 2012

Good Night Sitter

The other day I was getting a ride home from one of my ABies daddies. When we were getting to my house he asked if he could walk me in. When we got into my house he thanked me for taking such good care of his ABy. “Someone should take care of you every once in a while,” he said. “Let me put you to bed.” He took me up to my room and started to undress me. Once I was nude he had me lay down while he rubbed lotion up my legs, between my thighs, up over my tummy and small perky tits until all my skin was all smooth and soft. He gave me an extra special rub between my legs before he pulled a fresh pair of panties on me. He held me in his arms and then pulled a soft cotton t-shirt on over my head. He pulled open my covers and helped me into my bed. He pulled the covers back up around me and tucked me in nice and snug and gave me a sweet soft kiss. Sometimes even ABy babysitters need to be taken care of by daddies too! xoxo Samantha 1.888.430.2010
May 16, 2010

ABY's in Space – A Journey to Remember

Part 1 We boarded the spacecraft; Mommy Sara, Mommy Ava, Mommy Maggy, Mommy Scarlet, Mommy Minnie, and Daddy Paul along for the ride were Cameron, ABJessie, and few others we kidnapped for the voyage. Everyone had a job to do. Cameron and ABJessie were in charge of the lights and sounds. Daddy Paul in charge of lasers, Scarlet was in charge of the speed controls, Mommy Maggy watched over the nursery, Mommy Ava set the course, and Mommy Minnie the radio, and Mommy Sara steered. They were a little hesitant as they set off on their journey sailing out into deep space. However, they we excited at the same time. As they ventured out into the glorious universe, they flew by Saturn and Mars and gazed in awe at the wonderment surrounding them. We floated effortlessly across the universe. Prologue: Together they shall embark upon a magical journey with many fun and some frightening adventures along the way. Come embark upon this ride with us as we explore it together and meet more caring and witty Mommies, Sitters, and Nannies. Meet fun and amusing Babies, and other mystical creatures along the way. Be part of something no one has been part of before, come explore with us here at phone a mommy together we shall make history as we set off into a dramatic saga of AaaaBbY’sssssss Innnnn Spaceeeeee! Departures are every 1st & 15th of the month beginning @ 8pm est. departure local :phoneamommy chatroom. No reservations needed. Mommy Sara 1 888 430 2010
April 5, 2009


Well good morning my sweet little boy, how was your nap? Mommy needs her little boy. Mommy has no one to please her. Cum crawl into Mommy’s bed. Here sweetie, take your hand and rub Mommy’s full breast, oh my silk, pink pjs are so soft aren’t they? Can you feel Mommy’s nipples getting hard as you rub Mommy?. Oh, my sweet little angel, that feels so nice Mommy is become very turned on by your little hand on Mommy’s breast. Oh, what is that I see happening in baby’s diaper? Is my baby boy feeling something for his Mother? Mommy Sara 1 888 430 2010
December 24, 2008

Daddy’s Little Girl

I often feel like Daddy’s Little Girl at this time of year. There’s presents and parties and time for me to just be spoiled rotten! With lots of offers to diaper me up, it makes all the hectic days leading up to the festivities worth every moment! Now that I’ve been spoiled, it’s time for me to spoil…you and you and you and oh yes you too! *giggles* Maybe you want to spoil me after the holidays are over? Oh my! Daddy I would just love that! *skips off giggling* CousinJenna 1 888 430-2010
August 13, 2008

Daddy’s Girl

Yes, it’s true. I’m daddy’s girl. Daddy’s little angel. Daddy’s little one who can do no wrong. Well ok…I do stomp my foot occasionally at him and I get mad and don’t listen sometimes. It’s at those times when he takes me aside, makes me lift up my dress, and spanks me very hard! I know he does what is best for me. Daddy’s often out of town though and then there’s no one here to spank me. I need someone to take over for Daddy when he’s not here. Can you help? CousinJenna 1 888 430-2010
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