They appear to be a sexy couple, and one of them is bending.
Spankings from Mommy
February 7, 2016
A Fetish lady is standing on the floor wearing blue jeans. She is posing for the photographer.
Surprise Party
February 8, 2016


Just a little daddy dom story I came up with in my creative writings class! Here’s part four. You can find the rest of the remaining chapters on my other blogs. Enjoy!..

She had thought about her childhood then, images of her sitting in her Father’s lap while he crept his hand up her leg flooded her mind, making her crank her toy up to full speed, dipping it inside her wet pussy. She had lost all contact with him after her mother found out about their forbidden affair. It had been years now. Her climax slowly rose from within her, taking over as her body spasmed from her orgasm. As she layed her head back on her pillow and closed her eyes the vibration from her smart phone startled them open. She picked it up and looked at the ID. Private number… I wonder who that could be at an hour like this? She thought. “Hello?” she said still flustered from her orgasm. “Crissy? Is that my babygirl? I hope I have the right number..” Her eyes widened, her whole body tensing with astonishment as she recognized the voice.. “…Daddy?”




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