A Little Naughty Girl is gorgeous and has huge breasts. She is wearing a bra and appears sensual.
Daddy Dom Pt4
February 8, 2016
A Nude Boob During the showing, the lady was completely naked. In addition, the panty she is wearing is white.
Shenanigans by my bABies
February 13, 2016


I cannot believe you peed in the bed again. Oh my goodness. You hang your head in shame as I’m glaring at you. You say you’re sorry once more but I’m pretty sure this is not going to be the last time. I decide its time to make you a diaper boy and put you in diapers from now on.

You complain that you don’t want to be in diapers but I’m firm with my decision and you complain saying “you’re too big for diapers”. I laugh and say “big boys don’t pee in the bed”. You hang your head and shame once once more and waddle away to your room with your diaper on.

I decide to humiliate you once more and I invite all of your friends from school over for a surprise party so that they can see you in your diaper. I call you downstairs and bring you into your room where your guests are. Everybody laughs including myself as you pee in your abdl-diaper, frightened.



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