A Fetish lady is standing on the floor wearing blue jeans. She is posing for the photographer.
Surprise Party
February 8, 2016
A Little Naughty Girl is gorgeous and has huge breasts. She is wearing a bra and appears sensual.
Do You Need A Mommy?
February 13, 2016

ABB_4002This week at the AB/DL nursery started out pretty much the same as last week. my bABies Cammie and Alyssa were up to their same shenanigans. I don’t know how they managed it but somehow got some more paint and painted more pictures on the walls. Cam must have a secret person delivering McDonalds for Alyssa and himself.  I think every day when I came to pick them up they had nuggets and fries. Alyssa’s attention seeking has been a problem lately because when her diaper is wet, she will take it off and throw it at the nannies or other mommies in the nursery hoping for some interaction. Sheesh this has been a trying week with these two so what is a mommy to do other than giving more spankings? Mommy Tawny is ready to deliver again!

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