A Nude Boob During the showing, the lady was completely naked. In addition, the panty she is wearing is white.
Shenanigans by my bABies
February 13, 2016
The woman was dressed in a western costume, like a Sexy Clamor Lady.
Just Another Cuckold
February 13, 2016

02Do you need help with your ABC’s? Or maybe you need some help with going potty? You must be an adult baby then! Aww what a small world! You look like you could use a mommy. Is that what you need little one? Well you’ve come looking in the right place because I’m one of the best mommies there is out there. I will coddle you, shower you with love and affection just like any mommy should with her babies. Mommy will take care of you, nurse you, feed you, change you, play with you and so much more!! There’s nothing better than a little mommy and adult baby bonding time. Maybe after mommy is done playing with you I can read you a bedtime story? Mommy is very good at reading stories to her adult babies. It’s just one of the many things this abdl mommy loves to do!




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