May 3, 2012

Sweet sissy girl

Be my sweet sissy abie girl and mommy will make sure you get everything that you need to be a happy sissy girl! I hope my sweet little sissy boys are doing good? i have a great story to tell you about a 2 girl call i had with my friend Kita, she played the mommy and i was the auntie, and abie Damon was our sweet little sissy girl. sissy Damon wanted to be a very good girl for both mommy and auntie phone sex Crissy. we changed her diaper. got her dressed in a sweet diaper and pink panty bottoms and super cutesy pink ruffled baby doll dress. sweet pinky ruffled socks and some super shiny black patent leather mary jane’s. good girls need to learn all about growing up, so mommy and i also taught this sweety how suck it and take it like a good girl even if you have to play with a tiny eeny weeny abie dick. sissy training phone sex with a diaper lover is so much fun. auntie phone sex and mommy phone sex, i never thought a 2 girl phone sex call would have gone so sweetly. i want to share more abie and diaper lover calls with all the mommies now! huggies and kissies sweet abies! Mommy Crissy can watch you on a call for free call me @ 1*888*430*2010
September 12, 2009

How Big Is It?

Afraid you won’t measure up? Well, I like them in all sizes. If they a tiny winy wiener I will tease it and poke at it. If its petite I might dress it up. If it is fat and short piece of meat, my gf might like gnawing on it. If its long and thin, I might use it to clean my drains. If its big and thick then I might use it to pleasure myself. Sara 1 888 938 7382
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