July 1, 2013

ABDL Nursery Remodel

I had quite an eventful week! One of my favorite abies gave me the opportunity to redecorate her abie nursery! Before I started it was so drab and boring. But now it is all full of pink frills and delicate lace! I must say it is a perfect abie nursery for my sweet little sissie adult baby. First I started with brand new white carpeting with pink polka dots. Of course the walls had to match, so I used a shade of pink paint called “sissy pink”. When selecting furniture such as the new changing table, oversized rocking chair and full size abie crib, I picked out a set in white wash. Last but not least was curtains and lighting fixtures. I dont think I need to describe these, but I will. Pink with white lace! My sweet sissy abie was so excited with her brand new domain, she was unable to control herself and therefore I was there like the perfect little abie sitter to change her messy adult diaper! So if you or some one you know of is looking for a complete abdl nursery makeover, don’t hesitate! You know where I’ll be!! xoxo Best Abie-Sitter Mandy
April 20, 2012

Sissy Decor

I think one of the most important things for a Sissy to do is to feel girly, filling your space with Sissy Decor in one way to accomplish this. I think one must totally immerse them self in a girly lifestyle. I often give this advice to my callers and like all advice you can take it or not. Surrounding one self with feminine patterns, fresh cut flowers, girly magazines, tea sets just to name a few can change a person’s attitude and behavior unconsciously. Ones environment has immense impact and can successfully regress and remold us inconspicuously, just as it originally molded us from the start of our life. So go ahead and buy that sheik-embroidered pillow, spoil your self with the latest lead crystal stemware on sale at your local Massey Department Store. Go on and splurge on latest fragrance that intoxified you as you walk past the fragrance counter. Indulge yourself by filling your home with glorious aromas of scented candles while curling up to a cup of herbal tea and reading the latest Cosmopolitan Magazine, dressed in your sexiest nighty. Be the Sissy you long to be by living the lifestyle. Mizz Rebecca 1_888_430_2010
March 3, 2012

Sissy Décor

Now, you have to ask yourself, if one were enter a place of residence, and saw these lovely lamps strung about, what would be the impression one would get?  For me, I might think at first, how very ingenious.    And then I might think, how very sexy as well – lingerie and support items displayed not only as art, but also as a functional item.   But then my mind would go other places.  I would take a closer look around the premises.  I would notice the frilly, pink throw pillows and how everything is so matchy-matchy; I would notice the magazines that have those articles that start with “10 Ways to…”; I would notice the very sexy high heels tucked under the shay lounge.   In the bathroom I would spy all the lotions and potions, the dirty panties and bras in the hamper, the silky stockings throne over the shower curtain rod.  Then I would find an excuse to rummage through the bedroom.  There I would strike gold – tucked in the nightstand drawer would be an assortment of dildos, vibrators, fun little sex toys and oils that would put even my collection to shame; there would be not one, but two lingerie drawers that would send a panty boi into a drooling frenzy.  And the little sissy outfits – they would range from sweet and innocent to down right raunchy and slutty.   Looking at all the evidence before me, it would be clear that I am thigh high in extreme sissy décor.   So when you are choosing your décor, you might want to ask yourself, what does this say about me? It might just be screaming, “I’m a little sissy!”     Maggy 1*888*430*2010
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