September 6, 2015

Mommy’s New Toy

“Come over here, sweetheart, Mommy has a surprise for you! You’ve been such a good little sissy that I’ve decided that it’s time you get to try your first cock! Now, go into your bedroom, get dressed in your prettiest outfit and don’t forget the lacy pink bra and panties I picked up for you last night!” A little while later, you’ll hear me coming up the stairs towards your bedroom. Three knocks on the door, and I walk in, carrying a black chest into your room with me. As you sit on your bed, watching me, you can see that my chest if full of toys; bondage gear, paddles, whips, candles, anything Mommy might like to use on you. I make you bend over the bed and stand behind you, pulling your panties aside as I slide my fingers into your tight ass. I place my hands on your hips and pull you onto my big, black strap-on. “Mommy’s going to make you her little bitch tonight, sweetheart. This might hurt a little at first, but just relax and pretty soon you’ll love pegging as much as I do!” Brittney 888-430-2010
May 29, 2012

Adult Baby Nursery Phone Sex

Welcome little one. Look what Mommy has for you! Your very own Adult Baby Nursery! I put everything that my sweet AB needs to be happy, and feel loved. Over here are your diapers, along with your powder, and ointment so you don’t get a diaper rash. Over this way you see the rocking chair where Mommy feeds and rocks you to sleep. Here are all your wonderful stuffed animals and toys that we play with every day. And last but not least, THIS is your crib! Isn’t it beautiful? Mommy had it specially made just for you! Isn’t all just so wonderful? Now all I need is you to come and spend some time in the Adult Baby Nursery that I made just for you. Mommy Lauren 888.430.2010
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