August 9, 2013

Diaper Discipline: Diapered and Bound

There is such a wide array of Adult Babies and Diaper lovers alike. There are the sweet and loving ones – those that can be left to their own devices, perfectly content to entertain themselves as long as they know mommy is around.  There are the playful and rambunctious ones – they like to have mommy close, playing and sharing in the daily activities, in need of a wide array of activities to burn off all their seemingly never-ending supply of energy.  And then there are those that are down right naughty and disrespectful – demanding strict supervision, unrelenting structure and extremely focused boundaries.   It is of those that fall in the last category that I wish to speak of; those who test my boundaries as well as my resolve at every turn; those are the ones to which  I have had to rely on more….let’s say, severe forms of behavior modification.  These misbehaving Abies are the ones who are dire need of discipline; to be shown what acceptable behavior is and what will not be stood for.   To be shown that there are boundaries that they must adhere to, lest they be subject to the consequences of their actions.  They are also the ones that have come to associate the amount of discipline they receive to how much they are loved.  I understand this completely; after all, if one did not truly love you and care about your well-being, would they go through all the time and effort to try and teach you right from wrong?   So please remember as you receive your over the knee spankings, or are given a hefty dose of castor oil, or are subdued whilst being diapered and gagged and bound in your restraints, that it is all done in love.     Mommy Maggie 1.888.430.2010
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