March 28, 2012

Adult Babies in Space

      The Phone a Mommies landed safely, the craft’s hatch opened. Mommy Sara walked out first to inspect the area in which they had landed. She spotted a playground across the way and saw a bunch of young men. Perfect she thought these men would serve us Mommies well, they will make perfect adult babies. She rushed back to the craft to inform all of the other Phone a Mommies. They set their plan in motion and the ABMommies followed each one of them home and once nighttime fell they made their move. One by one each young man was beamed up into the craft. The spaceships AB Nursery was all ready, the Mommies were glowing with pride, the young men still a little sluggish from the hypnotic state they had been placed under. The young men were quickly changed into diapers, adultbaby pj’s and dresses, footies and mittens, bonnets and pacis and fastened into their cribs. The Phone a Mommies were all set for take off, counting down 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 0 the craft launched shotting off into space the young men now adultbabies began to call out. The Phone a Mommies ran into the AB Nursery, they knew their adultbabies must have woke up with heavy diapers and hungry tummies. They were very fussy, but the Mommies were very capable of pacifying them. Some adult babies got spanked, some were made to stay in their dirty diapers, others drank from mommies breast very joyfully and still others played happily calling us “Mama”. The Mommies of course were ecstatic it was indeed a rewarding alienaby abduction. The space journey was a success, and the AB Mommies sat with their adult babies in space singing and planning for the next fun adventure! Mommy Sara 1_888_430_2010 YIM: phonemommysara  
August 30, 2011

hypno diaper boy

  Would you be able to resist Mommy if she hypnotized you to make you her diaper boy? Do you think you could resist the triggers to wet and to wear diapers for her? You know deep down that you need it and that you need your diapers. There is really no point in fighting it. You can go about like you’re a big boy and tell yourself that but Mommy knows you’re really a big baby who needs his diapers. That’s why she wanted to hypnotize you and help you along. Would you like for Mommy to prove to you once and for all what a baby you are?   Mommy Scarlet
March 3, 2011

forced sissy

Most of the sissies I talk to would tell you that I am a tenderhearted Dommy Mommy (yes they exist). Some sissies need a firm hand though and simply need to be forced into being the sissy baby that I want them to be. They like to be cute and they continually have wet beds and pants but then cry like a tiny baby when I tell them that I’m making them my diapered sissy baby. What do these ornery little sissies expect a Mommy to do with them? I’m thinking diapers and sissy boy dress is just what they are in need of. Mommy Shirley
December 22, 2010

New Year

This is my last blog post here for the year and it has me thinking of what a great year 2010 has been. Some of the abies here in our community I have gotten to know better during our sessions and in the chat. Some are new friends who I look forward to getting to know in the New Year. Personal changes have happened and I’m excited to be moving (hopefully sooner than later).I’m thankful for another year helping adult babies and diaper lovers to express themselves and for me to get to do the same with them. So to those of you who have helped me to make this year memorable thank you so very much. To start off 2011 I wanted to do a New Year’s Abie special. The first abie who calls me on January 1st 2011 will get 11 free minutes on their call. New Year’s Day is the perfect time to try something new so if you have never called a Mommy who not try it and get some free minutes also. Mommy Scarlet
September 24, 2010


You don’t really need an excuse to have a party. It can be for an event like a Birthday, Fourth of July, Weddings or whatever. You can also throw a just because party. Those spontaneous just because parties can be the most fun. One time my ex boyfriend threw a just because party and it was a small gathering. It was wonderful to get to know some of his friends on a one on one basis though. Later that week I threw him a private just because party with diapers and baby bottles, just the two of us. So party for whatever reason you wish whenever you can. Life is too short not to enjoy. Mommy Shirley
December 3, 2009


What if you could have your Christmas wish and be small again? Maybe not to become small in body but small emotionally or mentally like the baby you are on the inside. I just wish I could bake up a batch of cookies with that sort of magic in them. Some of you would find yourselves smaller and tiny even. Some of you would just feel like something wild was happening and then suddenly your wishes would have come true. It would be fun for it to last for at least one day to go back and feel just like you want to feel. If it were possible how many of you would munch on my special cookies?   Mommy Scarlet
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