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March 27, 2012
An Easter Outfit for my Adult Baby
March 30, 2012


"Adult Babies in Space"



The Phone a Mommies landed safely, the craft’s hatch opened. Mommy Sara walked out first to inspect the area in which they had landed. She spotted a playground across the way and saw a bunch of young men. Perfect she thought these men would serve us Mommies well, they will make perfect adult babies. She rushed back to the craft to inform all of the other Phone a Mommies. They set their plan in motion and the ABMommies followed each one of them home and once nighttime fell they made their move. One by one each young man was beamed up into the craft. The spaceships AB Nursery was all ready, the Mommies were glowing with pride, the young men still a little sluggish from the hypnotic state they had been placed under.

The young men were quickly changed into diapers, adultbaby pj’s and dresses, footies and mittens, bonnets and pacis and fastened into their cribs. The Phone a Mommies were all set for take off, counting down 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 0 the craft launched shotting off into space the young men now adultbabies began to call out. The Phone a Mommies ran into the AB Nursery, they knew their adultbabies must have woke up with heavy diapers and hungry tummies. They were very fussy, but the Mommies were very capable of pacifying them. Some adult babies got spanked, some were made to stay in their dirty diapers, others drank from mommies breast very joyfully and still others played happily calling us “Mama”. The Mommies of course were ecstatic it was indeed a rewarding alienaby abduction. The space journey was a success, and the AB Mommies sat with their adult babies in space singing and planning for the next fun adventure!

Mommy Sara


YIM: phonemommysara


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