April 11, 2012

Adult Babie of Yester Years

Traffic Stopper     So, I came across this antique stroller, and though it not particularly unusual, it still is an interesting antique in my opinion.  Now normally when you see a vintage stroller, it is in the buggy style, reminiscent of a bassinette on wheels. Visions of Victorian dressed women with rather large and ornate hats, leisurely strolling along a path, pushing a buggy draped with a sheer linen cloth, twirling a parasol comes to mind. But this it the first time I have seen one that is more along the lines of a modern design, a chair on wheels.  Upon closer study, it appears to fold up as well – quite interesting. Perhaps it was constructed with an older toddler in mind.  After all, you couldn’t expect to have a newborn sit up in such a contraption.  With this schematic, a mother could stop along the way, perhaps sitting at a park bench, and spoon-feed a child or place a small amount of finger food on the convenient tray, or even a toy to entertain a little one. But what I would truly like to see is an Adult Aby sized version of this stroller.  You see, when I look at this, I envision an AB Mommy pushing her little one along the sidewalk, an air of old-world style and sophistication surrounding both Mommy and Abie/Sissy; I think I would go one step further though, and dress my Abie or sissy in period-based baby attire as well, completing the whole look, right down to the old-fashioned bloomers. Quite the traffic stopper, don’t you think? Mommy Maggie 1.888.430.2010
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