October 20, 2011


You get a call from me at work – I’m disturbingly cold as I inform you that I know what you have done…and there will be consequences…severe consequences for your actions, and then I simply hang up.  You are left in a state of panic as you search your brain for a clue as to what I have discovered, taking an inventory of what wrongs you have perpetrated (it could be one of many you surmise).  When you arrive home, you call out for me, but no voice answers back.  You move from one room to the next, searching, but half wishing that you do not find me, afraid of what is to come.     Then you enter the bedroom, and you see what can only be the fore-mentioned consequences – confused you just stand there looking at what has been laid out for you.  Your mind whirls as you piece together what is in store for you, what you are about to be subjected to.  You know what will happen upon your refusal – you are well aware that I know where all the bodies are buried, know every skeleton, every deep dark secret that would leave your life in ruins if certain people would be informed of any one of them, or god forbid, they were to become public knowledge.  And you also know I have no qualms about using such knowledge if I deem it prudent to my needs.  You breathe in deeply, resigned to your fate. I come up behind you and say matter-of-factly over your shoulder, “I told you there would be consequences…now disrobe.”   Maggie ~~Your go-to mommy for all your secret diaper punishment and diaper bondage desires 1*888*430*2010
December 12, 2009

I am so….

I am so disappointed in your behavior over the last few days…you are such a naughty little boy…you will never learn will you…that lying to Nanny is not the way to go…..being truthful and accepting the consequences of your actions is much better than Nanny finding out about what you did after the fact….well you know what I do to naughty little boys don’t you….I am so disappointed in you….especially since I have Santa’s direct line and tell him daily who is on the good and naughty list…you just must not care to receive any presents this year….oh it will be such a bad Christmas for you….the only way to get on the good list is to take your punishment…so assume the position…and for everything that you did naughty this week you will recieve a spanking….you better be honest with Nanny since she knows all and will find out if you are telling her the truth or not….you only have your self to blame when Santa does not come by to visit you…you are such a little sissy and can not handle it…well at least he knew when to tell Nanny the truth and allow for his punishment…his little bottom might be red right now but guess he will be on the good list…so it is up to you do you want a present from Santa or do you want to watch everyone else open theirs and you sit there with tears in your eyes since you were such a naughty little sissy boy… Rachel….Santa’s helper 1-888-430-2010
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