January 8, 2011

Newby Experiment!

Well a lot of people think of people who love diapers as odd and although I can understand their first impression, I have to say to them “Don’t knock it till ya try it!” Am I right or am I right peoples? Okay, so I finally got the nerve up to tell a close bf of mine that I have known since high school of my fetish and of course his first impression was as you would expect. But fortunately he likes me LOL and also fortunate that he has his own idiosyncrasy as well. So this past weekend I talked him into trying one on and had him drink lots and lots of tea and kept him laughing so hard that he finally had no choice but to wet his diaper. I don’t think he will be a long time user or did I turn him into a Diaper Lover, but he tried it and he kinda liked it! So YAY, for the old cliche and YAY for our team, the Diaper Lovers Team that is! Mandy 1 888 430 2010
January 7, 2011

Spanking you

Over the holidays I had more sweets than I normally would. So now that they are over I want to get back to my favorite way to burn off calories. What might that be? Spanking and playing with abies. I’m sure that many of you are in need of getting your bottoms warmed up .On your end you might be surprised to know that masturbation can burn 300 calories. So it’s my opinion that we start working together to get rid of some of the holiday calories together. Mommy Scarlet
December 10, 2010

want mommy

I understand that sometimes you just want Mommy. You’re feeling sleepy and only Mommy can help you get to sleep. After a bath Mommy will give you a long drying off and put you in diapers with baby powder. It’s easier to sleep after Mommy has cared for you. There is no point in fussing you know you need your diapers. If we have to wear our diapers like a little baby then that’s just what we’ll do. It’s ok. Mommy Scarlet
September 17, 2010

adult diaper changes

  People who aren’t familiar with abdl ask me about adult diaper changes a lot. They ask what it’s like to change an adult’s diaper. I try to explain it and describe it but unless you have done it you don’t quite understand. If you don’t like it, then I suppose you get it even less. I remember the first adult diaper change I gave though. My abie was so nervous that I wasn’t going to like cleaning and changing him. Poor thing was nervous and excited and just not sure what to think. Do you remember your first diaper change as an adult?   Mommy Scarlet
August 22, 2010


  I hear the abies talk about celebrities they would like to have as Mommies or Sitters. Sometimes I see certain celebrities and think to myself I would love to diaper them. Today it was the magician/illusionist David Blaine. I have no other reason than I think ht would look simply adorable in one. I can’t remember the TV special or interview I saw it in, but he spoke so sweetly about his Mother. It was really touching. So you abies aren’t alone, mommies think about that stuff too.   Mommy Scarlet
February 25, 2010

sissy Karin

Sissy Karin’s first diapers were a few women’s pads stuffed inside of her panties. She was very afraid of going to buy diapers and the pads were easy to snag and get away with. Even after she finally tried diapers, she still liked to sometimes use pads like boosters. So I sent Sissy Karin out on a Kotex mission to get herself some feminine boosters to wear inside of her diapers. Part of her assignment was to go all girly when she got them also. I’m so proud of her for being more open and having fun with what she likes.   Scarlet
January 14, 2010

Locked in Chastity

”It’s such a shame that you are locked up in that chastity belt. Well since you can’t touch it anyway you might as well be diapered and kept in those also. “. Does that sound like something you would like to hear from your significant other? In my opinion locking up my diaper boy’s pee pee is a great way to keep him in line and behaving for Mommy. Even the most strong willed abies become pretty darn sweet when the threat of orgasm denial comes up.   Mommy Scarlet
October 1, 2009

surprise spanking

  A few days ago my husband woke up late for work. When he woke up a couple of hours late he found me sitting in the corner of our room in a chair just in my slip. I glared at him as he hopped up and stumbled for the closet. “Over here.” I said calmly as I held up a small leather paddle. He said something about when he got home he knew he was going to get it, but he really had to get going and call his boss. Hearing him basically tell me not now, I stood up and said “no, you didn’t hear me over here!” He looked at me strangely but came over to me. I am guessing he figured, well I am already late, what’s the difference. I pointed to the seat of the chair and he understood, bending over. I started with my hand warming up his bare bottom with a spanking, and then added the leather paddle. His heels came off of the floor, but he never moved out of the way of the paddle. He got scolded for sleeping through his alarm and being irresponsible. After his paddling he started to tell me he was sorry. “Sweetheart, I already called the office and had them give you a personal day. I’m the one that turned your alarm off. “I told him.   Scarlet
February 18, 2009

Will you?

Will you be the one who finally holds me down long enough to force a diaper on me? Will you be the one to finally conquer me and make me submit to your diaper fantasies? Will you love changing my diaper? Will you get a little frisky with me in the process? *giggles* I look forward to finding out if you’re the one who can do all these things for me. CousinJenna 1 888 430-2010
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