Spanking you
January 7, 2011
Have a Coke and a Smile
January 8, 2011


Well a lot of people think of people who love diapers as odd and although I can understand their first impression, I have to say to them “Don’t knock it till ya try it!” Am I right or am I right peoples? Okay, so I finally got the nerve up to tell a close bf of mine that I have known since high school of my fetish and of course his first impression was as you would expect. But fortunately he likes me LOL and also fortunate that he has his own idiosyncrasy as well. So this past weekend I talked him into trying one on and had him drink lots and lots of tea and kept him laughing so hard that he finally had no choice but to wet his diaper. I don’t think he will be a long time user or did I turn him into a Diaper Lover, but he tried it and he kinda liked it! So YAY, for the old cliche and YAY for our team, the Diaper Lovers Team that is!


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