December 3, 2012


I love this time of the year! I love the pretty lights and all the decorations, and I really love getting lots of presents hehehe! Since we have lots of places to go over the holidays and lots of fun stuff to do, Daddy said we had to go shopping for dresses. Guess what?! I LOOOVE shopping for pretty dresses!!!! We went to the big mall in town and went to my favorite store. I got to pick out lots and lots of pretty dresses and we went into the fitting rooms so I could try them all on. I tried on one that was red and all soft and velvety with a big green bow around the waist and it had lots of tulle under the skirt so it made it puff all out! Then I tried on a really pretty dark blue one, with sparkles alllll over! My favorite one was another one that was big and puffy. It was pretty snow white and had glittery black polka dots and a pretty red bow. Daddy said I could get all three, and he said I was gonna need some new ruffled panties and tights to wear with them! We left the store with four big bags, and then on the way home, Daddy said I was such a good girl, I could get an early Christmas present! We stopped at the special toy store and I picked out a glittery red and white dildo in the shape of a candy cane! If you wanna come play with me I can try on all my pretty dresses for you! And I love sharing with my sissy friends hehehe! Love, Lacy 1.888.430.2010
December 27, 2009

What Did You Get

Was Santa good to you this year? Did you get anything good? I know some of my callers got some good stuff. Some received brand new Rhumba’s some received diapers, and toys. Some toys were naughty! For shame! lol Do you want to know what I got? Normal stuff. No diapers, no naughty toys, I am jealous of some of you lol. Stacie 1-888-430-2010
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