December 13, 2010

poppy bottom baby

Sniff sniff, what is that I sniff. Or who is that I sniff? Is that you poppy bottom baby? If I can smell you I am sure everyone else can. Do you like pooping your pants for Mommy? I sure like when little diaper babies like you poop for me. Your face gets red and you grunt so softly and then shooooo weeeeee poppy bottom baby boy does it again. It’s ok honey, that’s just what babies do. It means that you are a baby, just like Mommy said. Mommy Shirley
November 3, 2010

diapers on the run

I felt so bad for one of the babies I chatted with the other day. He had bought some Attends on a business trip and spent some time in diapers. He only really gets to enjoy it and be diapered about one weekend every couple of months. Well he got called to a meeting and had to leave the trip early. On the way to the hotel to pack and leave he realized, he had to trash his diapers. He’d only gotten to wear 3 pair of them. Poor boy, I felt so bad for him to waste his diapers and also not to get much time in them. All of you part time travel diaper lovers you aren’t alone. I know a lot of diaper lovers who have to wear diapers when they’re out of town only. . Mommy Lexus
October 20, 2010

Bring your diapers

Ok I found one more place a diaper wearer or adult baby needs to make sure they have their diapers. That would be at Haunted Houses. Oh my, some friends and I went to one a few years ago and some of them are downright scary. That is what you go for, to be scared but it would help to have diapers on and ready just in case right? Be sure to stay diapered on these adventures. Mommy Shirley
October 15, 2010

Pajama Party!

Come to the Phoneamommy Slumber part at the PhoneAMommy Chat Room. It starts on Friday at 8pm Eastern and runs until 4am Eastern time. What happens there? Well you can chat with all of the mommies,dl girls, sitters, grannies, and Daddies who may come and see who would be perfect for you to talk with and play with. Any calls made at the Slumber Party during the hours are $1.69 a min. so that’s $0.30 off a min.. Bring your jammies, diapers, stuffed animals, and anything you like and join us.   Mommy Scarlet
October 6, 2010

Baby With Benefits

There is a discussion on the forums about being an adult baby forever and ever 24/7. I respect everyone’s point of view on the discussion. It just got me to thinking of more reasons why I would want my little aby to be a big boy/girl some of the times. There are benefits an abie cannot give a Mommy as they are too small. I’m not talking about anything dirty (though that is a thought also). What I’m talking about is just the little things, driving Mommy one day when she has had dental work and can’t drive, or giving some input into what fun things we might do. I love control, but sometimes it’s nice to be able to be Lexus and not just a Mommy. To me a mommy is always a Mommy even when she is not babying her ab because at any moment she can give him a look and he knows that ti means he’ll be paying for whatever he did later on. The idea of 24/7 babyhood is a fun one, I admit that. I just don’t think I would want to give up my ab being a big boy sometimes so that he could share other experiences with Mommy. .   Mommy Lexus
July 9, 2010

abdl hypnosis

  Have you ever been hypnotized to wet your diaper? Or have you been hypnotized to feel like a real baby? You just might find that you love it, and love the feeling. Don’t forget that some of the abdl mommies here make custom hypnosis audio files for diaper wetting and abdl. If you’d like one you just have to speak with the dispatcher. Also I love to hear from abies who have done this kind of hypnosis in the past. So lets talk and share our hypnosis experiences together. Mommy Scarlet
June 18, 2010

Happy Daddy Day

I couldn’t find who wrote this poem, but it’s awfully sweet and I think it is true. A little girl needs Daddy For many, many things: Like holding her high off the ground Where the sunlight sings!  Like being the deep music That tells her all is right When she awakens frantic with The terrors of the night.  Like being the great mountain That rises in her heart And shows her how she might get home When all else falls apart.  Like giving her the love That is her sea and air, So diving deep or soaring high She’ll always find him there. Mommy Lexus
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