What Type Of Diaper
October 3, 2010
October 8, 2010


There is a discussion on the forums about being an adult baby forever and ever 24/7. I respect everyone’s point of view on the discussion. It just got me to thinking of more reasons why I would want my little aby to be a big boy/girl some of the times. There are benefits an abie cannot give a Mommy as they are too small. I’m not talking about anything dirty (though that is a thought also). What I’m talking about is just the little things, driving Mommy one day when she has had dental work and can’t drive, or giving some input into what fun things we might do. I love control, but sometimes it’s nice to be able to be Lexus and not just a Mommy. To me a mommy is always a Mommy even when she is not babying her ab because at any moment she can give him a look and he knows that ti means he’ll be paying for whatever he did later on. The idea of 24/7 babyhood is a fun one, I admit that. I just don’t think I would want to give up my ab being a big boy sometimes so that he could share other experiences with Mommy.



Mommy Lexus

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