November 18, 2013

Have You Been Good?

So which one of my humiliation phone sex callers landed on Santa’s naughty list this year? Any takers? Why are you guys so silent I know one of you had to be bad! Well if you won’t tell me I think Santa will take care of it won’t he? He has enough coal in his sleigh to give all the little boi’s on the naughty list! Maybe next year you’ll be good won’t you abdl roleplay lovers? Ava 888*430*2010
September 9, 2013

sissy baby girl

Sissy baby girl  with your skirt so short you know they can all see your  plastic pantie’s and thick white diaper! Looking like a little harlot in that  pink lipstick I know what you should do with that mouth. Tell your dommy mommy what a good sissy baby girl is like because you are certainly not being very good right now. Throwing a fit about not getting your picture taken. Look at the pouty lip’s be a good sissy now and wet that diaper.   Veronika 1*888*430*2010
February 25, 2013

Mommy Loves Age Regression

I have a sweet adult baby caller who is really into age regression. We fantasize that he is my adult baby and we role-play that he can’t sleep and need his Mommy to help him go ni ni.  So I throw back my covers to welcome him into my bed and as soon as he’s snuggled up against me, I can feel something a brewing through his pajama bottoms.  I think adult baby may just have his very first hard on.  As soon as I realize he has a boner immediately start to get moist between my thighs in mommy’s special place as I pull him even closer and wrap my arm around him.  I nuzzle aby’s little face right between my massive breasts, and aby starts to coo and wiggle with excitement  as I rub your adult baby diaper…. Candy 888*430*2010
February 10, 2013

Diapered Husband

Your wife called me today. And yes YOU know who YOU are. lol She was pretty hot with you. I bet at this very moment she has you over her knee and is reddening that little tush,LOL! She warned me that you will be calling me later tonight for some AB sitter punishment after she is done with you. You are also to confess and to tell me what punishment she doled out so that I can come up with something suitable to go along with it. So apparently you talked your wife into letting you out of your diaper for a night. You begged and pleaded. Whined and moaned. Until finally she gave in. You almost convinced her you are a man who deserves to wear pants. LOL Well at least right up until the part where you peed on her in the middle of the night. IDK what you were thinking really. Did you actually believe you could pull that off? You know you are NEVER getting out of diapers now right? Of course you will be telling me all about it in a couple hours won’t you? ~Mommy Josie 888~430~2010
January 5, 2013

Lap Time

Come on you know its lap time i see you looking so sad and lonely crawling across that floor on those knees and hands.I know how much you love cuddling in my lap and me rocking you to sleep or just humming just a odd tune or two.So come on baby i know its that cuddle fetish is working over time tonight Minnie will change that wet diaper and put you in a nice dry one and cuddle you really close to me.That’s it pick up time for you lol you know how good this rocking chair feels don’t you. Minnie 1.888.430.2010
November 30, 2012

Candy Lover

Are you a candy lover i just bet you are i found the best place to get that candy lovers fix.Maybe i just might share my chocolate candy with you.That’s if you are a really good boi i heard from a reliable source that you are a big fan of chocolate. Chocolate taste so good it slides down that throat of yours hitting all the right spots as it slides down.Want to taste my candy i can see it in your eyes,drooling at the mouth but i am not sure you deserve to get a nice taste of this chocolate.Makes sexual fetishes all that much more tasty does it not Minnie 1.888.430.2010
November 3, 2011

Nap Time

  I always like to have a ritual when it comes to nap time.  A fresh diaper is always first, as I softly talk to you.  Next we gather your favorite stuffed animal, you blankie, and a fresh baba.  Then I gently put you in your crib and pull out Goodnight Moon to read to you.  And if you are a good abie, I will gently pat your thickly padded tushie until you drift off to dreamland.  See, nap time isn’t a bad time after all, is it?   Your AB Mommy Maggie 1*888*430*2010  
August 12, 2011

Stocking the Nursery

I love stocking up the AB nursery – making sure I have all the cloth and disposable diapers i need, along with plastic pants, powder, lotion, and of course wipes. I like to keep little toys and stuffed animals near by, so you can play while I change that messy little diapy. How I love to make you clean and powdery fresh! Oh, and did you see?  I got a special frilly dress with matching panties for that special little sissy girl! Now lets get a new, fresh diapy on that cute little hinnie of yours!   Mommy Gina 1*888*430*2010
April 11, 2011

Your long overdue

Mommy thinks you have been running around with stinkies in your diaper for far too long! You didn’t let me know that you were all messy but mommy can tell! That means it’s time for a diaper change. First I must tell you that you have done something that causes mommy to be a little disappointed in you. Know why?? It’s because I have told you time and time again that when you know you have made a boo boo in your diaper mommy expects that you will let me know. And guess what!? You didn’t so now mommy has to teach you a lesson. I have to do this because you have had your fare share of warning about this very thing. Last time mommy put you in time out, but this time, mommy is going to have to make you feel a little embarrassed. Mommy is going to put you in a little pink dress today. I know your a aby boy but I think that doing this will cause you to be a little embarrassed that’s just how mommy expects that you will learn your lesson. And guess what else? Mommy has always wanted a little girl anyway so I think I am going to put you in some matching pink plastic pants. How’s that for a naughty aby punishment! 🙂   Dommy Mommy Lexus 1*888*430*2010
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