Adult diaper play
February 24, 2013
I <3 Humilation
February 27, 2013
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Mommy Loves Age Regression

I have a sweet adult baby caller who is really into age regression. We fantasize that he is my adult baby and we role-play that he can’t sleep and need his Mommy to help him go ni ni.  So I throw back my covers to welcome him into my bed and as soon as he’s snuggled up against me, I can feel something a brewing through his pajama bottoms.  I think adult baby may just have his very first hard on.  As soon as I realize he has a boner immediately start to get moist between my thighs in mommy’s special place as I pull him even closer and wrap my arm around him.  I nuzzle aby’s little face right between my massive breasts, and aby starts to coo and wiggle with excitement  as I rub your adult baby diaper….



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