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February 25, 2013
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February 28, 2013
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I <3 Humilation

Hi ABy’s!!

I want to make you... 😉

Do you know what I like to do? I love to humiliate my ABy’s, especially when they are bad! I love to hear them cry and whine, and beg me not to make them wear their diapers in public. But you know what, if they don’t do exactly what I say, I’ll make them wear their dirty wet diapers in public! And it’s just because I said so! I like to feel the bulge my ABy’s get when I make them do all the naughty tasks that make me wet! And if they don’t- everyone will find out their dirty little secret!! Hehehe.

Can you be a good babie? Or will I have to humiliate you until you make a big creamie mess in your diaper?

Kisses, Mandy 😉 1 888 430 2010

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