Thunderstorm Delight!
April 9, 2011
sissy diapers
April 14, 2011


Mommy thinks you have been running around with stinkies in your diaper for far too long! You didn’t let me know that you were all messy but mommy can tell! That means it’s time for a diaper change. First I must tell you that you have done something that causes mommy to be a little disappointed in you. Know why?? It’s because I have told you time and time again that when you know you have made a boo boo in your diaper mommy expects that you will let me know. And guess what!? You didn’t so now mommy has to teach you a lesson. I have to do this because you have had your fare share of warning about this very thing. Last time mommy put you in time out, but this time, mommy is going to have to make you feel a little embarrassed. Mommy is going to put you in a little pink dress today. I know your a aby boy but I think that doing this will cause you to be a little embarrassed that’s just how mommy expects that you will learn your lesson. And guess what else? Mommy has always wanted a little girl anyway so I think I am going to put you in some matching pink plastic pants. How’s that for a naughty aby punishment! 🙂


Dommy Mommy Lexus


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