April 23, 2010

Fun with Mandy

My baby brother has been peeking in on me while I take my bath, he thinks he’s being sly, but hes such a blockhead *laughs*. Mom is making me watch him again tonight while her and Daddy go out to their dancing lessons. I think I shall have me some fun tonight, my dirty little mind has been wandering lately, thinking of all the naughty little things I could con him into doing to me…..hmmmm. Why keep these naughty little thoughts all to myself *sighs*. He is getting older and becoming very inquisitive. Maybe I should just put his little curiosity to rest. Maybe I shall let him get a little better peek, perhaps a little taste hehehe, yes, I think I shall! Mandy 1 888 430 2010
December 19, 2009

Wanna Lick…..

My Candy Cane? Or just wanna watch me as I suck on this hard, thick, sweet piece of Candy? Watch as I slide it slowly in and out of my mouth. Let me taunt you with my tongue, taking long slow licks. Rubbing it along my breast, over my tummy, and inserting into my dripping pussy, massaging my pretty pink lips with it. Mommy wants to share in the pleasure and slide it up inside your little man hole. Such a sweet toy! Are you as turned on as I am ? Then hurry and call for the sweetest Fuck you ever had! Mizz. Rebecca 1 888 430 2010
August 15, 2008

Where are all my AB/DLs

One of my favorite things about being a step sister is babysitting my little Ab brothers and sisters and making them try on girlie clothes and hair ribbons. I just moved from Florida to Northern California and it’s a whole other world out here. Now I’m trying to refind all my little brothers and sisters 🙁 Come find me! *Mandy* 1888-430-2010
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