November 18, 2011

ABDL Training

My new little ABDL boy was crawling around on the floor in his diaper and I noticed that apparently he forgot the rules that he wasn’t allowed to make squirties without permission. He was grinding his peepee against his diaper against the floor. Little jackoff boy was humping his diaper on the floor. How cute.   I guess putting all that Vaseline all over his pathetic little peepee when I changed his diaper last was a mistake.   “Ok, well if you want to break the rules then here, mommy will help you,” I tell him as I walk over and undo his diaper.   “Now stroke it jackoff boy.”   He looked happy to be allowed to stroke until I grabbed a hold of his legs and pushed his knees back against his chest and made him aim his little peepee towards his own mouth.   “If you want to try to make squirties without permission then you get punished. You will keep stroking until you make squirties in your mouth. If you shoot and miss your mouth you will lick up every drop right here in front of mommy…….”   Are you ready for some of Mommy Maggie’s “special” training?   1*888*430*2010
October 6, 2011


  Do you think about what it would be like to be disciplined by a dominant lady who happened to be your teacher? There are quite a few erotic stories with scenarios like that. I know because I enjoy reading them. When I was in school hardly anyone got paddled after we left grade school. Maybe there were some of you who deserved a spanking back then but didn’t get it because your school didn’t use that as punishment or because you never got caught. Now you have a chance to set things right and try that scene again. Let me be your teacher who has kept you after class for a talk and a bit of punishment.   Mommy Scarlet
August 7, 2011

sissy boy hypnotized to suck men for Mommy

You’re getting used to being dressed as an overly girly girl. What you haven’t quite adapted to yet are these urges you seem to be getting. I have my male friends over and you feel a tingling in your panties as you wonder what they would look like standing over you with their cocks in your face. Each night as you drift off to sleep Mommy has been playing her special CD to help you understand and accept what she wants from you. What I want is to make you a sissy who sucks cock. All of the softly spoken well hidden messages in your music is about you making Mommy pleased by sucking in front of her. Mommy Scarlet
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