November 26, 2010

Hey Little Willy!

Do you wonder if you are too small? These questions below might help you in knowing for sure. Was your mother unsure you were a boy all those years growing up? Did the daycare ladies all laugh as they changed your diaper? Did all the boys in the locker room replace your gym shorts with skirts? Have girls gone running away screaming once they saw your little dick? Does your girlfriend perfer her vibrator? If you have answered yes to any of these questions, then I am afraid young man, all your fears, Yes, All of them, are true. And all you can do now is call Mizz Rebecca for your humiliation & cuckolding session. 1 888 430 2010
September 25, 2010

Fat Poopy Baby

Sniff sniff. Did whittle Baby make a big stinky? Ut oh somebody is in big trouble when mommy finds out. Does whittle baby remember the punishment for pooping in your pants? First Mommy will pour a glass of water inside the back of your diaper and make you bounce up and down on your behind. The spanking is administered in 2 sessions. First Mommy will lay you across my lap with your diaper still on and use a paddle to swat your behind 50 times. By this time your behind is nice and red and most of the poop is dripping out the sides. The second session is no different than the first; the only difference is you get spanked with no diaper this time. Resisting in any way will only lead to harsher punishment, its best you bend over and take your 50 swats like a man. You can always cry like a little girl later, in the privacy of your closet. I’m sorry, I’m sorry pleeeease pleeeease Mommy Stella don’t spank me anymore. I will be a good boy….. Stella 1 888 430-2010
August 30, 2010

Baby Josh Back In Pampers

This is week 3 for baby joshie’s potty training, and sadly I’m here to report things have not been going too well. Josh continues to make stinky messes in his pull ups that almost always result in Mommy spanking his poopy bottom. Today Mommy had to put away the training pants and pull ups, and make room for the cases of pampers. Josh has no idea his big boy days are over. Do you think he’s going to be upset and throw a hissy? Oh you can bet on it, but once I get done with him he will be diapered and securely rocking in my arms.
June 25, 2010

I've got the only Key!

Sung to the tune of Brand New Key by Melanie Safka, if your unfamiliar with the tune click the link above. I invited my new Master over last night He fucked me right on through till the break of daylight It often seems like you’re jealous of him but what’s a girl to do, when your dick is oh so limp, well You’ve got a brand new shiny chastity, I have the only key I think that we should get together and try them out you see I been lookin’ around awhile Cause You got Nothing for me Oh! You’ve got a brand new shiny chastity, I have the only key I’ve got your dick locked up cause it’s just way too small If you can’t please me, then I need someone to call For somebody who’s that tiny, you just haven’t got a clue What it takes to please a girl like me, sometin’ you can’t seem to do Oh yeah yeah, oh yeah yeah, Oh yeah yeah yeah, Oh yeah yeah yeah I asked my new male friends if you could sit n watch They said, yes… but you’ll have to suck some cock Oh! It often seems like you’re jealous of them but what’s a girl to do, when your dick is oh so limp, well You’ve got a brand new shiny chastity, I have the only key I think that we should get together and try it on to see La la la la la la la la, la la la la la la Oh! You’ve got a brand new shiny chastity, I have the only key. Mizz Rebecca 1 888 430 2010
October 11, 2009

So I’m spanking this little brat for getting into trouble AGAIN and between all his crying he manages to get out: “you’re mean, Mommy Lexus!” haha, did you think that was going to hurt my feelings? oh dear. No, sweetheart, I know I’m a bitch, but that’s what you need to relax. Until you learn to behave, I’m not getting any nicer. Call it negative reinforcement. If you want a sweet Mommy, behave. Simple as that. Ask the good abies around here. When you behave, I can be sweet like Candy. But bad babies just get the fiery, spicy, bitch momma until you can learn to follow orders and do what you are told! Call me. I’ll decide whether you are naughty or nice. Lexus 1*888*430*2010
September 27, 2009

Mommy Lexus has no choice but to put you in diapers!

Mommy is so disappointed in you right now! You wet your pants at the mall and now I have no other choice than to put a diaper on you, after cleaning up your weewee butt of course. Now that you have a diaper on, I’m going to treat you like the aby you are, not the grown up man that you’re pretending to be! That includes you drinking out of a baby ba ba & sucking on a binky. Mommy Lexus can be a very nurturing mommy, all I want is the best for my baby boi, even if it means punishment! Mommy Lexus 1*888*430*2010
September 16, 2009

Free Diapers!

Huggies is giving away one year’s supply of diapers! Every day for an entire year one lucky person will win. All you have to do to enter is sign up. Look for details on the Huggies homepage. Make sure you check the entry rules. If you are a slender adult I recommend Size 7- 35- 65Lbs+ – For toddlers or school aged children should fit most aby’s. Good luck and I hope you win! Mommy Lexus 1 888 430-2010
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