Rise and Shine
October 11, 2009
They finally came
October 14, 2009

So I’m spanking this little brat for getting into trouble AGAIN and between all his crying he manages to get out: “you’re mean, Mommy Lexus!” haha, did you think that was going to hurt my feelings? oh dear. No, sweetheart, I know I’m a bitch, but that’s what you need to relax. Until you learn to behave, I’m not getting any nicer. Call it negative reinforcement. If you want a sweet Mommy, behave. Simple as that. Ask the good abies around here. When you behave, I can be sweet like Candy. But bad babies just get the fiery, spicy, bitch momma until you can learn to follow orders and do what you are told!
Call me. I’ll decide whether you are naughty or nice.



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