October 2, 2015

A Beautiful Dress

Hello adult babies! I found something that I know all you sissies, sissy sluts, and sissy fags will absolutely love. I saw another sissy being walked around by her mommy and she wearing the most beautiful dress! It was short and made of blue satin. There was lots of pretty, fluffy white tool making the bottom nice and poofy, and there was a gorgeous white satin sash cinching in the sissy’s waist. The collar was surrounded by frilly white lace that fell across the poofy blue sleeves. But that’s not even my favorite part. My favorite part of the dress was the little pink bows decorating the bottom of the dress, and a nice big one right underneath the sissy’s chin. I just wish I could talk to her mommy and find out how she found such a lovely dress for her little girl. Fret not my abies, I’m always on the lookout for the prettiest dresses for my sissies. –Barbie <3     888-430-2010
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