May 20, 2013

ABy Bath Time!

Guess what time it is? Its bath time! Hehehe, now don’t get all squirmy, I know you love bath time! Come on now, get in the bathroom, you’re not getting out of this, ‘cause if your mommy comes home and you’re still all stinky, I’m gonna get in trouble! Here, I got the tub all nice and warm for you and I put in some bubble bath. Go on now, hop in. See, doesn’t that feel good? You can play with your rubber ducky while I use this nice wash cloth to scrub you all over. I have to make sure I wash your peepee and your bottom real good too hehehe. Lets make sure that little hole is squeaky clean! And after bath time I’ll rub your extra special ABy lotion all over and leave you nice and soft. If you’re a good boy then before I close up your diaper I’ll give you a special bed time peepee rub too. Bath time’s not so bad, now is it? xoxo Samantha 888.430.2010
January 7, 2013

Spanking Season

I’ve had to do a lot of spanking lately… not that I mind hehehe! I don’t know what it is but something has definitely gotten into my ABies and they’ve been misbehaving left and right, maybe it’s because of all the spoiling they got during the holidays.Regardless I’ve of course been doing what a babysitter does best… give out bottom burning spankings! Just the other day I was babysitting little ABy Kenny and I was giving him a special diaper rub while he took his bottle and he kept trying to squirt in his diaper before I said he was allowed to. I told him, he better cut it out or he would get a spanking to calm him down. Well of course, he couldn’t control himself and I had to pinch his leg to stop him from shooting. You can guess what happened next – I turned him over my knee and yanked down his diaper and gave him a spanking on his naughty bottom! Are you having trouble being a good boi? Don’t worry, I’ll straighten ya out with firm spanking! xoxo Samantha 1.888.430.2010 “
September 23, 2012

Sneaky ABy

Did you really think I wouldn’t catch you, naughty ABy? When your mommy and daddy left for the weekend, your mommy made sure to mention that you can get yourself into trouble. “If you’re not careful with him he can be naughty—very naughty,” those were her exact words. I guess I should have paid more attention to that. You were pretty good all day today. You played nice, you ate up all your lunch and dinner, when I said it was bed time you were a good boy and got right into your pjs and brushed your teeth. Sure I notice you looking at me a couple times. Down my shirt, up my skirt, but I thought, hey boys do that, no big deal. After I tucked you in, I went to go take a shower. While I was soaping up my body I noticed the bathroom door crack open. I saw you hiding there, could see your hand rubbing the front of your diaper while I washed my smooth pussy. Naughty naughty ABy! I couldn’t help but tease you a little, spreading my pussy open and rubbing my clit. I heard a little groan come from the door and then heard you scurry off. I laughed to myself as I got into my nightie and got into bed. I had just turned off the light when I heard you tip toeing outside the door. I closed my eyes pretending to sleep to see what you would do. Bad ABy! You lifted up my covers and tried to slip your hand up my nightie. I caught your hand quickly making you cry out in surprise. “Do you know what happens to naughty ABies?” I asked with a wicked grin. Your eyes were filled with fear as I sat up and pulled you over my lap and pulling your diaper down. “I saw you watching me in the shower and I heard you make that nasty little mess in you diaper,” I raised my hand getting ready to spank you, “Did you really think I wouldn’t catch you, naughty ABy?” xoxo Samantha 1.888.430.2010
September 3, 2012

Bobby's Enema

Bobby is one of my most special, sweetest little ABies. The other night I went over to his house to babysit him while his parents went over to their friend’s house for dinner. When I arrived at the house, Bobby’s mommy Lucy welcomed me and we had a little chat while she finished fixing her makeup. Little Bobby sat on my lap and played with my hair while I talked to his mommy. Lucy told me that Bobby had been having a lot of tummy troubles and was having problems making poopies. Bobby looked at me with sad little puppy dog eyes when Lucy was explaining this. I kissed the top of his head and rubbed his tummy. Lucy continued, “We were thinking of giving him an enema, but when we tried this morning we just could not get him to keep still! Maybe you’ll have better luck.” “I think we’ll manage,” I said as I looked at sweet ABy Bobby and pinched his cheeks. A little while later, Bobby was laying on a blanket in the living room playing with his toy cars. “Bobby, honey, we’re gonna try to make you feel better, ok sweetie?” Bobby looked worried, “its ok honey,” I said as I walked over with the bag, tube, and lubricant. “Your tummy will feel so much better when we’re done.” I slipped a plastic sheet underneath him and untaped his diaper. “Ok now honey, this will only be a little uncomfortable, but you keep playing with your cars and it’ll be over soon.” I hung the small bag up next to me and squeezed the lubricant into my hands. I coated the end of the tube with it and rubbed it between Bobbys little cheeks and hole. “Ok here we go,” I said, sliding the tube into his bottom slowly. Bobby whimpered a little but I rubbed his back and murmured softly, “its alright Bobby, its ok.” I let the warm fluid fill him slowly until the bag was empty. Once the bag was empty, I told him he only had to hold it for a few minutes. I sang him a little song, and then when the time was up I rubbed his tummy as he let everything out. When it was all over I cleaned little Bobby up and put him in a fresh diaper and gave him nice soft cuddles. If you need an enema to make you feel better, just let me take care of you, I’ll make you feel alllll better! xoxo Samantha 1.888.430.2010
August 19, 2012

Pants Wetter

When your mommy asked me to babysit you, I was a little confused. I wondered why a grown man would need a babysitter. Well then she started to tell me things… like how you need looking after, or you end up getting yourself into trouble. She even told me that sometimes you still have “accidents”. Accidents?! I said, he’s a grown man, how is he still having accidents?! She explained that you were never really potty trained, she tried when you were little, but you just refused to learn. As you grew up it never got better, and now even as an adult man you still hadn’t stopped wetting yourself. She showed me your bedroom with the big changing table; the shelf with the diapers, wipes, and diaper cream. She said that even though she’d given up on you ever actually learning to use the big boy potty, that I should still give you a little spanking when you wet yourself. So today when I came over I knew what to expect. You did ok for the first couple of hours, so I thought maybe you were learning not to wet yourself. I took you to the park as a treat, pleased with your good behavior. I watched as you kicked your soccer ball around, having fun. A few minutes later I saw you stop and look down at the ground. You looked sad and worried. Slowly you picked the ball up and walked over to me. Samantha…. You mumbled. And then you just looked down, immediately I saw the problem. Your shorts were soaked from the crotch all the way down your legs. Even though your mommy had warned me I was still angry and disappointed. A grown man like you shouldn’t be wetting his pants anymore. Jason, I can’t believe you! I scolded. I grabbed your hand and pulled you along as we walked the short distance back home. Once inside I pulled you up to your bedroom and sat on the bed. Roughly I started to unbutton your pants. I looked up as I was pulling them down and saw how scared you were. I softened a little as you began sniffling. Oh, sweetie it’s ok, I murmured softly petting your hair. We’ll just do a quick soft spanking and then I’ll put you in a nice fresh diaper, doesn’t that sound nice? Gently, I pulled down your underwear and pulled you over my knee. Now we’ll just do 6 soft spanks, ok sweetie. Slowly I spanked your bare bottom. Gently patting my hand against each cheek 3 times. By the end you were still sniffling, I stood you up gently, now that wasn’t so bad was it? No, you mumbled softly. I held your hand as we walked over to the changing table and helped you hop up. I handed you your teddy bear and pulled out a couple wipes. I wiped between your legs and over your sensitive privates before lifting up your legs to wipe your bottom. I squeezed some lotion into my hands and rubbed my palms together to warm it. I massaged your slightly pink bottom and then made sure to get the lotion all over your privates. I slid a fresh white diaper under your bottom; I could see how much you enjoyed the feeling of the thick cottony material. I tapped a little bit of powder in, and attached the two tabs to close up your diaper. You really were a sweet guy after all, even if I did have to put you in diapers. I think I’ll tell your […]
August 15, 2010


How many of you drink this stuff? I have tasted it and gosh, not the best stuff on earth lemme tell ya. Granted when I tasted it it was years ago, and I’m not going to go out and buy some just to taste it. I know not everyone drinks this stuff, most of you stick to Milk or Juice, and I can see why after tasting this stuff. Now some of you have told me that the taste has improved greatly. And I have to say I certainly hope so. Stacie 1-888-430-2010
July 25, 2010


I have been babysitting this weekend, and one of the things we are going to do tomorrow before they leave is play some board games. I haven’t played board games for years! Because there is a reason they are called ‘bored’ games. HA! Anyway, I will be playing Candy Land, Sorry, and some other sort of game, not sure which yet because they haven’t made up their minds yet. So tomorrow when you are going back to work for the dreaded first day of the week. Think of me, pulling my hair out while I play a ‘bored’ game, yeah see, makes Monday not seem so bad for you…doesn’t it??? Stacie 1-888-430-2010
June 11, 2010


*puts on cheer leading uniform* We are the(USA) (Audience) Rock your boat We’re feeling fine (Audience) Rock your boat You mess with us (Audience) Rock your boat We’ll blow your mind (Audience) Rock your boat Bang Bang choo-choo train, you let us up we’ll do our thang. We know karate, we know kung-fu you mess with us we’ll mess with YOU! *does a back flip, tumble tumble, split…shakes pom-poms* GO TEAM US AT THE 2010 FIFA WORLD CUP! Stacie 1-888-430-2010
April 25, 2010

Sweet as Sweet Can Be

I think this is soooooooooooooo cute, and precious!  I want it sooooooooo badly. *giggle*  I can just see you standing there wearing it, thinking I’m not home yet, and I catch you! HAHAHA! This reminds me of Vegas, Vegas Show Girl Sissy.  I can see you having to prance around in front of me and my friends in this, ears and all. *giggle* Jenna 1-888-430-2010
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