June 28, 2010

Buttercups and Daisies

Buttercups and daisies- Oh the pretty flowers, Coming ere the springtime To tell of sunny hours. While the trees are leafless, While the fields are bare, Buttercups and daisies Spring up here and there. Ere the snowdrop peepeth, Ere the croscus bold, Ere the early primrose Opes its paly gold, Somewhere on a sunny bank Buttercups are bright; Somewhere ‘mong the frozen grass Peeps the daisy white. Little hardy flowers Like to children poor, Playing in their sturdy health By their mother’s door: Purple with the north wind, Yet alert and bold; Fearing not and caring not, Though they be a-cold. What to them is weather! What are stormy showers! Buttercups and daisies Are these human flowers! He who gave them hardship And a life of care, Gave them likewise hardy strength, And patient hearts, to bear. Welcome yellow buttercups, Welcome daisies white, Ye are in my spirit Visioned, a delight! Coming ere the springtime Of sunny hours to tell- Speaking to our hearts of Him Who doeth all things well.
May 16, 2010

ABY's in Space – A Journey to Remember

Part 1 We boarded the spacecraft; Mommy Sara, Mommy Ava, Mommy Maggy, Mommy Scarlet, Mommy Minnie, and Daddy Paul along for the ride were Cameron, ABJessie, and few others we kidnapped for the voyage. Everyone had a job to do. Cameron and ABJessie were in charge of the lights and sounds. Daddy Paul in charge of lasers, Scarlet was in charge of the speed controls, Mommy Maggy watched over the nursery, Mommy Ava set the course, and Mommy Minnie the radio, and Mommy Sara steered. They were a little hesitant as they set off on their journey sailing out into deep space. However, they we excited at the same time. As they ventured out into the glorious universe, they flew by Saturn and Mars and gazed in awe at the wonderment surrounding them. We floated effortlessly across the universe. Prologue: Together they shall embark upon a magical journey with many fun and some frightening adventures along the way. Come embark upon this ride with us as we explore it together and meet more caring and witty Mommies, Sitters, and Nannies. Meet fun and amusing Babies, and other mystical creatures along the way. Be part of something no one has been part of before, come explore with us here at phone a mommy together we shall make history as we set off into a dramatic saga of AaaaBbY’sssssss Innnnn Spaceeeeee! Departures are every 1st & 15th of the month beginning @ 8pm est. departure local :phoneamommy chatroom. No reservations needed. Mommy Sara 1 888 430 2010
August 28, 2008

Riddles and Jokes

You walk into a barber shop, there are two barbers. One of the barbers has messy hair and the other has very well cut hair, who do you chose? You have 2 coins that equal 30cents. One of the coins is not a nickel…what are the coins? (yes they’re american money) A guy walks into a bar and says “Ouch”. There are these two guys walking down the street, one with a lab and the other with a chihuahua. The first guy says to the other guy “lets go grab a drink” the second guy says “they wont let us bring our dogs in the bar”. The first guy says “Follow my lead”. The first guy walks in first while the other waits by the door. The bartender says “hey! you can’t have that dog in here!” The guy says “It’s my seeing eye dog”, the bartender lets him through. The second guy walks in and the bartender says the same thing “Hey! You can’t have a dog in here!” The second guy replys the same way “It’s my seeing eye dog” the bartender says “You expect me to believe they gave you a chihuahua as a seeing eye dog?!”. The guy replys with “They gave me a chihuahua??!!” Well, those are all the jokes I’ve got for now. I’ll give you the answers to the riddles later 😉 *Mandy* 1888-430-2010 http://www.phoneamommy.com
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