April 14, 2010


A long, deep, wet kiss! There aint nothin sexier then a a guy who likes to kiss me hard and deep. Teasing me with that tongue, me nibbling on your lip. I mean thats HOT! You don’t have to be beautiful to turn me on I just need your body baby From dusk till dawn You don’t need experience To turn me out You just leave it all up to me I’m gonna show you what it’s all about You don’t have to be rich To be my girl You don’t have to be cool To rule my world Ain’t no particular sign I’m more compatible with I just want your extra time and your Kiss You got to not talk dirty, baby If you wanna impress me You can’t be to flirty, mama I know how to undress me (Yeah) I want to be your fantasy Maybe you could be mine You just leave it all up to me We could have a good time You don’t have to be rich To be my girl You don’t have 2 be cool To rule my world Ain’t no particular sign I’m more compatible with I just want your extra time and your Kiss Now give me some of your extra time and I’ll give you my…… KISS Sara 1 888 430 2010
January 10, 2010

Kisses And Hugs

I was trying to find out where this comes from. The use of X and O’s to signify Hugs and Kisses, and so far I have come up with this: The REAL definition behind X’s and O’s is this The first mention in literature of XXX for kisses at the bottom of a letter was in 1901, according to the Oxford English Dictionary. The X itself is very old. The custom goes back to the early Christian era, when a cross mark or “X” was the same as a sworn oath. The cross referred to the cross of Calvary and the first letter of the Greek word for Christ, Xristos. Even as little as a hundred and fifty years ago, not many people could read or write. The “X” at the bottom of a document took the place of a signature. They would kiss the “X” as a crucifix or bible was kissed to emphasize the importance of the mark. It was this practice that lead to the “X” representing a kiss. O is an American thing and represents the arms wrapping around someone. Pretty nice don’t you think? Stacie 1-888-430-2010
December 17, 2008

Merry Kiss Moose!

Who will you be standing under the mistletoe with this holiday season? And what type of diapers will you be wearing? I hope you catch that special cutie and give them a nice, long, long, sweet kiss! Of course, who’s to say you can’t start a new tradition this year? Get caught under the mistletoe and it’s time to check your diaper to see how wet and messy it is! *giggles* Then we can sit down and watch some holiday movies while we snuggle on the couch… CousinJenna 1 888 430-2010
December 4, 2008

Sissy Diaper Girls

Oh how fun it is to get all dolled up in your sissy outfits and diaper up. *giggles* A day of play with Mommy is oh so much fun. Piggy Tails and all. *smiles* I so enjoy my calls with the sissy girls. Some times we play big girl and Mommy teaches you things that only mommy can. *grins* Other times we play baby time and have so much fun. Bottles, diaper changes, cuddles, and more! Mommy loves taking her baby girls and big girls to the salon and to the park for play time. We laugh and have so much fun together. Kisses and Hugs for you all, Mommy Lexus 1-888-430-2010
August 27, 2008

Littlest Ones

I love my littlest abies. So adorable, so helpless, in so much need of someone to coddle them, and take care of them, and hold them, and rock them, and feed them. I have a soft spot for my wee little ones, and can’t help but smile when I hear from them. I love to tickle their tummies and give them little kisses there. It always makes them smile, and that makes me happy. CousinJenna 1 888 430-2010
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