A girl is punishing her boyfriend, and a man apologises to her, and the girl is using sexy products.
Naughty Diaper Sissy
October 12, 2015
A man is dressed in a white wet diaper that appears to be soft. It appears to be dirt.
Mommy Jenna Punishes Her Baby
October 17, 2015


Hello Eric, your mommy had to go away for the day so I am going to watch you. My name is Mr. Zuni, but you will call me daddy. Your mommy trusts me to watch you so you will not tell her anything that happens today, you can write about it in your dirty diary I want to be able to watch you all the time. I love how you look in that sissy outfit. It’s so short I can see everything when you bend over. Those panties look so nice. Your mouth seems a little empty right now, I think I have something that will fill it up. You are just the right size to stand right in front of my big cock. Open wide sissy my cock is going to fill you up good. Stop complaining you can’t take it all, you know you want it. You are going to want to lube it up real good because your virgin ass is going to take it next.

If you would like to hear the rest then call mommy Susan.



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