A Hot Lady The woman was dressed in a pink western attire.
Dirty Diary
October 15, 2015
A Fetish lady is standing on the floor wearing blue jeans. She is posing for the photographer.
October 18, 2015

I’ve warned you. You keep defying me.

I told you that if I find that you’ve used the toilet and not your diaper one more time, you would be punished. Stop crying, you brought this on yourself. After you wet your diaper I unpin it and drape it over your head so that the wet crotch is pressed against your face. I pin it behind your head.

You start to sob into the piss soaked adult diaper. You try to grab your clothes but I stop you. You’re going out just like this. I lead you to the front door and shove you out, locking the door behind you.

I start giggling when all of our neighbors start coming outside to stare at you with a wet diaper strapped to your face. Some of them cringe and some of them laugh, and you just sob and sob. I take a few pictures to send to your boss and then I graciously let you back into the house.

Maybe now you’ll learn your lesson.



wet diaper


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