A man is dressed in a white wet diaper that appears to be soft. It appears to be dirt.
Mommy Jenna Punishes Her Baby
October 17, 2015
Boy Sissy Sex The boy was dressed in a sissy outfit with high-heeled slippers and tights.
Cloth or Disposable
October 18, 2015

I secured Frankie’s legs down, his legs open and bare. This adult baby was mine to torment any way I choose. I slipped the cover over his eyes and heard his gasp as I trialed my nailed down his stomach to stop at the top of his diaper.

Yes, this session could last all night if I chose. I pulled my fingers away and reached for the lit candle near the bed. Slowly I began to drip wax from his navel up to his breastbone. Frankie took in a sharp breath as I drizzled the wax closer and closer to his nipples.

I set the candle back down and grab an ice cube from the bucket. I love the wet sensation as the ice begins to melt and I use it to make Frankie gasp and beg. Does he beg me to stop or continue. He only says please again and again. Its so much fun to torture a diaper sissy.

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