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October 18, 2015
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Naughty Aby
October 18, 2015

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During my time as an ABDL mommy, I have come to realize that there are all sorts of preferences out there when it comes to having all sorts of diaper related fun! One thing that I am always sure to ask my adult babies when we first start out is what type of diaper they prefer! Most of my diaper lovers enjoy both cloth and disposable diapers, but many of them also have one that they really enjoy wearing more than the other. Being on the outside looking in, I can really see why my little ones would choose either of them! When I think about disposable diapers, I think about the way that they sound when I open up a nice fresh one to put on one of my little ones. I also think about how squishy they get when they are filled up! Cloth diapers though, are so soft and nice feeling. They vary in thickness and absorbency, and are also a favorite of my adult babies who got to wear them when they were really little! Which is your favorite?




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